How to Keep Users on Your Drug Rehab Website and Compel Them to Call


When a person struggling with addiction reaches out to a drug rehabilitation center via the organization’s website, he or she is at a crucial point in the journey toward recovery.

The experience the user has on the site can decide whether he or she takes the first step toward a substance-free life. The same is true for worried family members, searching desperately for a solution to a loved one’s substance use disorder.

Your website needs to speak volumes about what your rehab facility has to offer and why the reader should inquire today about your team’s treatment. With these tips from the pros at Addiction-Rep, learn how to capture your visitors’ attention, keep them on your site and compel them to call.

Optimizing your drug rehab website isn’t just good for business: It can save lives.

Update Your Drug Rehab Website Design for Optimal User Experience


The user experience (often referred to as UX) depends largely on the design of your website. If your site looks too busy or outdated, your visitors will assume you’re out of touch with the modern world – and thus with the modern addicted individual.

Bringing your site into 2017 can work wonders regarding the first impression potential patients get from your rehab facility. It will show that you care about their experience and, by extension, their well-being.

In your industry, the care and compassion you display toward patients matters. Tackle modern web design and provide a strong user experience with vivid imagery, thoughtful navigation capabilities and mobile-first web design.

Follow Image Best Practices

Professional, original photos will attract patients much more than large blocks of text. Include at least one image on every page of your site. Avoid using stock photos, as these tell the user nothing about your actual facility. If you have to use stock imagery, at the very least go for a unified theme throughout your site. You should be able to find photos that aren’t overly staged or generic.

Implement Thoughtful Navigation and Design

When it comes to navigation, keep it simple. Users searching for addiction treatment centers want a simple and easily-understood solution to their very immediate problems. You should display your most pertinent menu options clearly on your homepage. Otherwise, conceal your menu options in a simple, yet organized, hamburger menu. This is ideal for the mobile experience.

Mobile-first web design is critically important, as statistics show more users accessing the web via their mobile devices, as opposed to desktop computers, as far back as 2014. Bring your site up to speed by incorporating responsive web design, navigational options to fit a smaller screen, and enough white space for readers to breathe as they scroll through your content.

Master Modern Content Marketing for Drug Rehab

The goals of your website should be to keep users interested, get them to click through several pages, and ultimately make a direct inquiry to your treatment center. Modern web design is important in achieving these goals, but it’s only half of the equation.

The other half – perhaps the more important half – is your content. You need to attract your readers, draw their eyes down the page and deliver your message loudly and clearly.

Make It Easier on the Reader

Start with appropriate use of white space. Today’s users want to be able to scan the page quickly and gather the most important information in a matter of seconds.

Facilitate dual-path readership (those who want to read every word and those who want to skim) by:

  • Breaking your content into small, one-to-four-sentence paragraphs
  • Bolding subheadings and important sentences
  • Including bulleted lists in your content
  • Adding a strong and clear call to action at the end of each page

As a rehab facility, your website content needs to be high quality and informative. It must convey the professionalism and sophistication of your treatment center, as well as show that your organization is a thought leader in your industry.

How to Organize a Drug Rehab Webpage


In all of your core webpages, include recent, relevant statistics regarding drug abuse and overdose rates to grab attention. Then, dive into the treatment options you offer at your facility and what sets you apart from your competition. End with a concise call to action that tells your readers exactly what you want them to do and how – visit another page, fill out an online form, call you now, etc.

The Takeaway

Design and content are the two most critical components of your drug rehab marketing. However, there is much more to creating the optimal web experience for your target audience. You must take into account the needs of your specific audience, local SEO best practices, keyword inclusion, video content and much more.

Sound confusing? The team at Addiction-Rep is ready to help you learn more about website design and drug rehab marketing. Learn how you can build your drug rehab website into a Corvette, not a Pinto. When you’re ready, Addiction-Rep can also take the reins and completely transform your site to help you help others in their journey toward recovery.


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