Rebranding a White Label SEO Company

In May 2019, white label SEO reseller HubShout decided to rebrand itself as Semify. The company was set up as HubShout in 2008 by Chad Hill and Adam Stetzer. Chad left the company in 2018 due to his engagement with other ventures, and Adam took over as CEO. After having built a solid reputation in the internet marketing industry, the company felt the need to reimagine its identity for further growth. It sought the help of Novus – Be Known, Inc., a Rochester, NY-based branding agency to reposition the brand, and realign the market perception with the company’s unique value.

semify logo

Michelle Roberts from Novus worked with the company to rebuild the brand from the scratch and articulate the brand message. A number of workshops were conducted for brand positioning and brand messaging with a goal to position the company as a market leader in the white label SEO services.

The new name Semify comes from SEM, underlining the search engine marketing offering of the company. But it’s not just about having a catchy name. The company’s old logo is replaced by a magnifying glass commonly used for searching online.

The new logo not only reinforces the major product offering of the company, but it also sends across a message of togetherness. If you observe closely, you will notice that the circle of the magnifying glass has people standing in a circle, holding each others’ hands.

semify rebranding

The new tagline “Grow Together” further reinforces the company’s commitment to building customer relationships, sharing knowledge and creating new opportunities. The value of working together also holds special significance for employees, given that culture and team spirit hold a top priority for the company.

The official launch of a newly designed Semify website completes the retiring of the old HubShout brand. The company’s team of digital marketing experts continues to focus on offering the superior service they are known for.

The company’s white-label reseller program developed in 2013 proved to be a game changer. It empowers bloggers, webmasters and internet marketing firms to compete with larger companies. These professionals and firms can now offer full-fledged SEO packages to their clients without having to spend a penny on overhead costs. They can leave the entire backend SEO work to the experienced professionals at Semify.

Over the years, Semify’s white label SEO reseller program has grown to include local SEO and PPC reseller programs. The company is confident of surfing the harsh waves of 2020 (COVID-19 pandemic), thanks to their ability to work remotely. With focus on culture and togetherness, the company continues to build upon personal connections and grow together with their partners.