Using Stock Images for Your Web Design Project: How Viable?

Website design seems like such a simple thing until you actually give it a try. It doesn’t seem too difficult to write content if you know at least a little about your topic. There are images all over the Internet, so finding some that suit your content doesn’t seem like a big problem. Once you start to search for affordable, yet dependable, hosting services, frustration arises. By the time you select your URL and sit down to write content, you realize it isn’t as easy as you imagined.

The real problem starts when you realize that those images you see all over the Internet are not legally open to your use. You have to search out images presented with the creative common license and accept that many other websites already feature those images. If you want images that are used by fewer websites, you have to pay for their use. If you want images unique to your website, you have to spend time creating them yourself.


It isn’t difficult to realize that web design is much easier when you subscribe to a stock image site that offers thousands of images for a reasonable fee. You can buy some images individually for a one-time fee if you are only building one website, but if you want to build a large site with many images or multiple websites, a monthly subscription service will save you time and money.

Let’s use Graphic Stock as an example. Instead of buying all of your images individually, you can pay $49 a month and obtain 20 images a day with this service. To make sure the service has the images you need long term, you can take advantage of the seven day free trial. When you want to cancel your subscription, you get to keep all of the images you have previously downloaded and continue using them on your websites.

You never have to worry about violating copyright laws or fielding angry demands that you take images down when you use this type of stock image service. You can search through more than 100,000 images by keyword to quickly obtain the images you need, and there are new images added all the time to keep your website fresh.

You still have the concerns of writing fresh content and implementing search engine optimization for your website, so taking care of your images without a hassle will lighten your load as a new web designer.

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  1. January 26, 2014