There is no dearth of web hosting providers in the market but finding a reliable one is not an easy task. With everybody claiming to provide the best services, new bloggers are often left groping in the dark when it comes to choosing a web host. So, how do you select a suitable hosting?

There are some general things your web hosting provider should offer irrespective of the applications you are going to install or the purpose you are buying the hosting space for. Then there are those specific requirements you should look out for keeping the mind the application or usage you are buying the hosting for. For example, if you intend to install WordPress, you should go for one that is compatible with it (in terms of PHP, SQL, etc.)

Here is a quick checklist of top 10 things you should consider.

1. Server Uptime

Settle for nothing less than 99% uptime. See to it that the web host is reputed enough to honor the promise.

2. Server Speed

Remember, web visitors are impatient. If your site is slow, they will just leave it and go. So, ensure that it loads fast.

3. Scalability

This should also be one of the important considerations while selecting a web host. Today you may be okay with shared hosting. But tomorrow, you may grow and require Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting or Dedicated Server Hosting. If your host provides these types of hosting as well, you will not have to look elsewhere in future.

4. Reliability

This is quite a subjective thing and hence very difficult to decide. Your best bet is to go with the reputed one.

5. File Backup

You should be able to take a complete backup of your website from the web hosting control panel. This will be useful when you plan to move on to some other web host. Even otherwise, it’s always prudent to take periodic backups.

6. Customer Support

Since most service providers are usually located away from us, a good customer support definitely matters.

7. Affordability

All other features become useless if the hosting is not affordable to your pocket. In fact, before everything else, you should ensure that you are comfortable with the pricing.

8. Web Hosting Control Panel

Unless you are a techie who can ‘manage’ things, you may find yourself helpless without a user friendly interface. Look out for some easy to use control panel like cPanel.

9. Auto Install Script

Auto install scripts are an easy way for setting up applications without getting into technical details. Scripts like Fantastico, Softaculous, SimpleScripts, etc. can help you install WordPress and other applications with mere click of a mouse.

10. CGI/Database Support

Check out whether the web hosting you are selecting supports the required versions of CGI/database such as PHP & MySQL for installing WordPress or any other intended application.

Hope, you’ll find this hosting checklist useful. Do let us know if you need any further help.

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