10 Technology Trends Online Retailers Need to Understand and Use

Technology has paved way for many changes in all the fields and the online retail shopping trends have faced the most number of changes. Here are the 10 technology trends that are foreseen for the coming years. It is important for the online retailers to understand these and adapt themselves to these changes; else they cannot survive in the tough competition that exists in the market. This is not just going to emphasize the existence of your online business, but when you understand the ideas, you can save a lot on the finance front too.

1. Make Use of Online and Physical Stores

The retailers should make use of the online shopping advantage, but this does not mean that the physical stores have lost their importance. The retailers have been fighting the online rivals to such an extent that a few online stores have come up with temporary physical shops. So, establishing both online, as well as physical stores, will definitely enhance the sale.

2. Put Updated Items


Online retailers should understand the fact that the customers do not have enough time for shopping these days. They cannot afford to waste time on surfing the shopping websites where old and outdated items are present. With the help of automated programs, retailers can send the customized messages to customers as soon as new stock arrives.

3. Advanced Customer Service

Initial years of online shopping focused on making the experience easier for the customers, but now the focus is on customer service. The site or the brand should deal with the queries and complaints of customers or the prospective customers. Also, the customer service should be able to offer the help based on the location of the customer, history of shopping, and the social media profile. Putting the live chat option is the best thing.

4. Knowledgeable Staff

It is also said that the staff should be aware of the needs of the customers. The staff should identify the needs of the customers as and when he or she enters into the online retail store. The online retail stores possess such features, for they can collect the history of the buyer, who logs in the site, in a fraction of minutes. Offering discount, codes, and vouchers also can be done to customers in the right way when the staff is knowledgeable.

5. Primitive Analytics and Big Data Analytics

Predictive and Big data analytics let the online retailers enjoy more privileges. The retailers can get to know everything about the customer data. It is not only the history of shopping and social media profile, but loads of structured and unstructured data can be got this way.

6. Harnessing Technology

The availability of the technological aids in plenty should be harnessed, to offer reliable and loyal services to the customers. The online retailers should go for real time tools that help in identifying customer interaction and helps in anticipating challenges.

7. Integrated Sectors

It is not enough that the online retailers do best in their areas. They should also bring in various sectors. For instance, advertisement of your website can be done in a coffee shop.

8. RFID Booms

The RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is expected to carry microchips that can stop theft and do much more like providing product information, taking the money from the specific account once the product is bought.

9. Sell for All Generations

Online retail business owners who sell items for a specific generation make a mistake. You need to get in at least the closest sector, in your business. For instance, when you sell for babies, add items for new parents too.

10. Include Popular Brands

With the technological advanced features of your online retail website, the customers would be able to choose items based on the brands and would be able to get the inside information of the brands.