US Data Corporation – The Only Mailing Lists Choice You’ll Ever Need!

Mailing lists are gaining more and more prominence. Good mailing lists can generate more leads, more sales and ultimately help your business grow. But finding an accurate, updated and well classified list to run an effective, targeted campaign is equally difficult. Additionally, you should also ensure that the mailing list you use complies with the spam laws in force.

This has brought several mailing list companies in the market. US Data Corporation is one of those companies that is known to provide the best of email database. It ensures that you get not just the mailing lists, but also the essential marketing data on time. You are provided with the best of sales leads and all essential research data enabling you to manage and synchronize your work details.

The emails are collected from highly reliable sources like County Court House records, credit bureaus, telephone directories, business publications, reporting agencies, utility companies, financial institutions and business associations.


The quality and the content of the email list have been enhanced for user’s suitability and delight. Special emphasis is placed on maintaining the accuracy of the lists by frequently checking and updating them. Right from telephone verification to surveys and individual sources, all means are employed to ensure the accuracy of the database so that your mails do not end up in the spam box.

The corporation makes available the lists segregated by various different criteria. For example, if you are looking for the emails of business entities, you can select lists by geography, industry, type of business, sales volume, etc. Similarly if you are looking for consumer emails, you can have lists categorized by age, gender, lifestyle, ethnicity, hobbies, credit score, etc.

It’s probably one of the largest sources of opt-in databases and holds the best of self-reported responder email lists. Some of the industry specific databases offered include doctors, golfers, dentists, insurance agents, lawyers, schools, students, restaurants, hunters, auto dealers, and many more.

All these things set US Data Corporation apart from other mailing list companies. It enables you to reach your target audience in the best manner possible. The highly responsive lists make your campaigns more productive, thus ensuring that you get the best from your efforts.

  1. August 29, 2012
  2. August 30, 2012