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10 Interesting Facts About Blogging

Blogging which started in mid nineties as a personal hobby to share one’s thoughts has indeed come a long way. Initially, it was nothing more than an extension of diary writing but in no time, it turned into a powerful medium. Soon, people started ...Read More

5 Tips to an Effective About Page

When visitors to your website want to get a little background behind the writer, they may decide to check out the about page of the site. However, many sites have a poorly organized about page, if they even have one at all. With these ...Read More

5 Tips to a Productive Blog Post

Blogging is way more than just typing a couple of words and hitting publish. To be a productive writer, you must take into account many situations. You must get an idea of who your target audience is, how long your post should be and ...Read More

Write Your Way to A Profitable Blog

Congratulations. You have something many bloggers don’t. Readers! Now that your blog has really taken off, you may be tempted to take things to another level by selling some merchandise or sharing your expertise on a dedicated e-commerce site. This is where things get ...Read More

5 Sites You Wish Google Never Buys

Grapevine is ripe with rumours of Google vying with Yahoo in a bid to take over the URL shortener If you thought bloggers used only in tweets, think again. Ahem! It’s also used to cloak the URLs of the deep linked pages ...Read More

And The Best Spam Award Goes To…

Terrific work! This is the type of information that should be shared around the web. Shame on the search engines for not positioning this post higher! I laughed my ass off when this comment came up for moderation. How can such a well-written comment ...Read More

Desktop or a Laptop?

Having a personal computer is the very first prerequisite to start blogging. Whether to go for a desktop or a laptop is a common dilemma most of us encounter. Around the time I took up blogging, having a laptop was beyond my reach. So, ...Read More