5 Sites You Wish Google Never Buys

Grapevine is ripe with rumours of Google vying with Yahoo in a bid to take over the URL shortener bit.ly. If you thought bloggers used bit.ly only in tweets, think again. Ahem! It’s also used to cloak the URLs of the deep linked pages containing link exchange requests and link sale offers. Now I need not tell you the consequences if Google has its way to bit.ly along with all that ‘classified’ information. Here are the top 5 sites most bloggers consciously, subconsciously or unconsciously wish Google never buys.


1. Digital Point Forum

DP is one of the most popular forums among bloggers and does not require any introduction. Most of the blogging community is rather addicted to it. Deals ranging from buying, selling and exchanging links & ads to domains & complete sites take place here. The least you’d wish is to pass on your deal details to Big G.

2. PayPal

Be it transactions involving multiple currencies or transactions between parties located at different parts of the world – PayPal has been the most preferred payment gateway among the blogging fraternity. As of now, PayPal does not get into the intricacies of what a particular payment pertains to. But what if one fine morning you wake up to read that Google has access to all your PayPal transaction details!

3. Text Link Ads

TLA is said to be one of the biggest marketplace for buying and selling text links – something that can get you in Google’s bad books in no time. I don’t see any reason why Google should go for it. In case that happens, it would be interesting to see what Google makes out of it… A marketplace for nofollow links? Well, that’s none of our botheration. But it would definitely be a hard blow on TLA users.

4. Review Me

This is the place where most of the high paying sponsored reviews come from. Sponsored review as such is not against Google policy. But how many reviews happen with nofollow links? Again not a good buy for Google but very risky for many blogging biggies!

5. StatCounter

The most popular site out there to keep track of your site stats real time. You may not see its acquisition as a threat if you have enough trust in Google. But if you are the kind who doesn’t use Google Bookmarks, who stays away from Google Analytics and who sees Google Chrome as a chunk of spyware, this may be really threatening for you!

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