Increase Interaction with Your Blog Visitors: 4 Handy Tips

For the success of any website, it is very important for you to interact with your readers. Even if you have top quality content on your site and your site is able to attract good traffic, no interaction with your readers will eventually cause you to lose all the traffic you gained.

Even if someone is led to your site and is impressed by your site, he or she may not visit your site again due to lack of interaction. It is very important to connect with your existing site visitors to gain more traffic.

blog-interactionHere are some of the options that you can take advantage of to increase your interaction with your visitors:

1. Email Opt-in Box

An opt-in box is an attractive web form that prompts site visitors to enter their name and email address on your site. There are numerous WordPress opt-in box plugins that let you place a widget on your blog. Site visitors never proactively go out and leave their details like name and email address on any website. However, an opt-in box is a subtle way to prompt site visitors to enter those details.

An autoresponder service can be used to send newsletters and important advertisements to those people who left their information on your site through opt-in boxes.

2. Subscribe to Comments Plugin

For WordPress you can find a free plugin called ‘Subscribe to Comments’ which lets your site visitors receive email alerts after posting a comment. Readers often come back to the post on which they left comments to see what others have commented after them. With Subscribe to Comments plugin installed on your site, your site visitors will receive email notifications. It surely helps your visitors to come back to your site to see whether anybody else responded to their question or not.

3. Effective Usage of Social Media

Most bloggers allow users to share their posts on social media sites through social media plugins like ShareThis and AddToAny. Such bloggers expect that more people will start following their site. A better way to increase interaction to your WordPress blog is to go out and check out information of different people and then leave comments. For instance, you can join a Fan Page that is relevant to your niche and then interact with the people out there by leaving meaningful comments.

4. Converse with Your Visitors

Whenever you get a chance you should interact with your site visitors. After each post, you can acknowledge their comment, appreciate it and answer their query, give a clarification or give more information as an extension of what you wanted to say. You may want to install the Akismet plugin which automatically removes spam comments, so that you are sure you are conversing with genuine people.

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