5 Tips to an Effective About Page

When visitors to your website want to get a little background behind the writer, they may decide to check out the about page of the site. However, many sites have a poorly organized about page, if they even have one at all. With these tips, you’ll be on your way to a well organized and informative about page.


1. Give a Background Story

One-way to add personality to an About Me page is to give a background story. This can be a personal biography or the story of how your website/business came to be at the position it is today.

You don’t have to give a history line-up; this means that anyone from start-ups to veteran websites can have a nice, simple, to-the-point biography.

2. Keep It Related to the Site

If your website deals with technology and your biography talks about how you started your makeup business, I don’t think most of your visitors would appreciate the page.

This means, it’s best to keep the biography related to the website while still covering what is important. While you may not leave out that part of your life entirely, you shouldn’t focus solely on it either.

3. Make it a Search Engine Magnet

Find out what users are searching online and take advantage of it in your bio. You can do this by using Google AdWords tool. By entering terms in the engine, you’ll find some of the most searched keywords. When you add this into your biography, it’ll grab the attention of search engines.

This means that users who are specifically interested in your biography or the subjects it is related to, will be more likely to land up on your page. Thus you not only get views, you get interested views.

4. Informative, but to the Point

For most people, they probably won’t have two paragraphs about how they got their first camera. This, for example, would be something mentioned in about a couple of sentences.

In other words, try to be informative by giving a back-story to a certain topic mentioned in your biography. On the other hand, don’t try to focus too much on it, just get to the main point of things.

5. Keep It Up-to-Date

A mistake many people do is not updating their page. There are many times when very important events that happened after the bio was made that don’t get mentioned.

In addition, you may want to have a call of action for the visitors to the page. After they read it, you may want them to go and check out either other posts or your social networking sites. However, if you still have on there, call to visit your profile page on some outdated social networking site, then obviously you need a revamp of your about me page!

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