3 Tips to Creating SEO Attractive Titles

With SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, titles mean almost everything. The title of your web post is the first thing that most web searchers will see when they search for your website. However, some people who are new to SEO sometimes overlook titles and focus more on the content. While we can’t obviously emphasize more that content is very important, the title is the second most important thing to a popular article.

search-engine-friendlyWith these tips, you can create SEO appeal for your articles.

1. Take Advantage of Title Tags

Title tags are found when you get down and dirty with HTML in your editing software that you use. This goes beyond the visual aspects of SEO. Title tags are the technical aspects that point search engines to your site and they result in the visual way of seeing your website in engines.

In HTML when you pick your title (i.e. <title>), it is important to sum up your page in a couple of words while still being accurate. Another important tip is to remember to follow this tip for your other pages on the website. Search engines will pick all these up.

2. Pick the Right Words

The important tip to this is to keep the words of your title short but informative. This means taking the important must-have words of the title and keeping them. This also means that filler words don’t always have to be used. For example, your original title can be “How to Bake a Cake”. The SEO attractive version can be “Baking a Cake”. In addition, title tags allow you to elaborate in the title with a dash. For example, “Baking a Cake – The Full How To From Start to Finish”.

3. Keep It Relevant

Whatever you do, don’t pick a title just for the views. This may, at first glance, seem like it’s going against everything we are saying. However, having a title that creates views and creating a title to get views are two different things. The main difference is accuracy. It is important to make sure that the title relates to the content. If it does and it’s good, then you have a title that creates views.

In addition, having a unique, relatable title will also forward quality views to the page. This is because the visitors will stay longer since that is the page they searched for.

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