Link Building Made Easy

link-building-made-easyHave you heard this expression, “Link building is the most difficult part of SEO!”? We’ve heard this so many times and we even believed it a while ago. But Link Building doesn’t have to be hard. Reinventing the wheel is just a loss of time and resources but improving it a bit with some new spokes will make it run faster.

I am pretty sure you are just waiting for the magic recipe but there is no magic in here; it is just hard work and good methods. Below, I’m going to share with you a method which I am using successfully for many years.

Analyze your competitors’ backlinks

Think of link building as any other business strategy. The question is how can you find a working business strategy? Now, here comes the method – Study over your (fortunate) competitors! I feel like you’ve already got the idea – look where your competitors have created inbound links and try to get on those websites’ links pointing back to your website. Got it?

If your competitors have got this advantage of ranking higher in Google search they have got some really good inbound links as PR and the position in SERP are very dependable on those off site SEO factors like inbound links.

How to find out which websites are linking to your competitors?

If you’re an SEO professional reading this article, you might already know it. If you’re not, then pay attention to the following.

To find out who’s linking to your competitor’s website, type in Google:

Of course .com is replaceable with .net, .org, .us, etc.

The results will show you who’s hosting a link to your competitor. The number of those links will also give you a clue on the power of your competitors – many websites = strong Google authority, good Google PageRank and a good position in SERP. Hey, but this is what you want, isn’t it? Cool, so we are going to produce some results here.

The next step is to go and ask those websites if they can give you a link in their blogroll or if there is just a simple website and not a blog, if they can offer you an advertising space. Don’t accept a link on pages built for links – resources pages are just useless – they probably have already tons of links on those pages. Ask for a link on a page with less external links. Those pages with many external links generally have a bad reputation and will not pass you much authority or PR juice. The best place for a link is into the copy of the website – E.g. blog article. Also remember, link building based on reciprocal links is not really a good method.

Soliciting backlinks

Here is an example of a short but straight, to the point email you can send to those website owners when asking for a link:

Dear X,

We just found your website, which is very interesting and because we are talking about the same subjects on our website, we will be more than happy if you can include our website into your blog roll.

Also we have a great deal of writing useful advices so if possible we can help you with some guest writing.

Our website/blog is

Looking forward to hearing from you.

Best regards,

Your Name

Guest posting

From within all of those possible methods of getting a backlink, I recommend guest writing as it is a very useful method of catching new inbound links. It’s free and you will get a do-follow link to your website. Also if your writing is excellent you’ll get for sure a lot of traffic. And there is another thing – the site-wide links (blog roll links) aren’t that good or can sometimes even hurt your rank but a link back placed into the body text of a website will give you only benefits.

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