5 Tips to Get Your New Website SEO Ready

When you do a Google search for, let’s say, your website, what comes up? The website is a couple of years old, not in it’s startup stage but not a big company yet. There is a chance that your website doesn’t come up in the top 5 results if you don’t have good SEO for the website.


SEO is the main reason why popular websites come up first in related Internet searches. However, it isn’t all about Google or even Internet searches. The end goal is to get traffic to your website, quality traffic.

In the stage of an early website, most individuals aren’t able to offer up hundreds of dollars for a professional SEO revamp. But with these tips, you will find yourself with higher traffic.

1. Find Your Goal

How can you know where you should be if you don’t know where you stand now? This is a question that few beginners to SEO think about. It is great to think about doing a Google search a couple of times to see what comes up.

You may also check out some tools like Klout. Klout is a service that tells you your standing and influence on the Internet. You are then given a score with the highest being 100. Most influencers are around 50s to 80s. Beginners usually find themselves with a score of 30s to 40s, obviously a zero for just starting with no influence.

If you know where you stand and how your current efforts are working out, you’ll then know what to change.

2. Label the Images

Web searches are word crazy. This means that when you add things like photos and graphics, they won’t know what is there. However, individuals are able to caption photos and have text replacing graphics that are visual to visitors. This means that the searches pick up the words and visitors view the graphics and photos.

It is also important to pay attention to your links and titles to see if they are feeding the keyword hungry web searches. The trick, however, is to keep the keywords short and to the point.

3. Promote, Promote, Promote

Surprisingly, your website is only one piece of your SEO puzzle. It is just as important, if not more, to have yourself on the large amount of social media websites on the web today. As a result, most bloggers and website owners have some familiarity with social networking. If you are able to connect with your readers in the medium that they are familiar with, then they are more likely to visit the website a lot more often.

In addition, you can promote the website on social media by creating advertisements, offering contests and more.

4. Interact and Partner with Similar Websites

You can’t go at having a successful website by taking on the task alone. If you try to interact with related and like-minded websites within your niche, you’ll be able to create lasting partnerships and promotion.

5. Remind Your Readers

Once the visitors start coming in, you want them to stay. An important way in getting more traffic is to give your readers a call to action. It is recommended to include links to related articles within your other articles. This will allow your readers to stay longer, get a background of what they are reading and more importantly, come back on!

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