WordPress 3.0 Is Finally Here

When I logged in to the admin panel today, I was excited to see the upgrade message.  Hailed as the 13th major release, WordPress 3.0 is finally out for download and upgrade. In the words of Matt, it is “the culmination of half a year of work by 218 contributors”. So what does the new version hold in store?


Hold your breath! With the new upgrade, you can run multiple blogs or shall I say a network of blogs – just like WordPress.com and Blogger.com – without requiring a single additional plugin. Earlier you were required to install WordPress MU (µ or Multi-user) for this but WordPress 3.0 has merged WordPress MU with the standard WordPress.

Another interesting addition is the brand new eye-catching default theme Twenty Ten (2010). When I saw it the first time in WordPress.com a few days back, I was getting restless to try it out. Thanks to the new release, now it’s available for download in the WordPress themes repository. I would call it a ‘modular’ theme. You can customize each of the modules and give your site a unique look. For instance, you can upload your own header image, change the background colour/image, add multiple widgets in the footer, etc. – all from the comfort of your admin panel.

Other remarkable features include capability to create your own menus, URL shortener (visible while writing/editing a post) and bulk upgrade of plugins.

Those used to the old version, please note this while working on the General Settings: Earlier, Site address (URL) automatically took the default value from WordPress address (URL). This is not the case now. For example, if you add www. in the WordPress address (URL), it will not get added automatically in the Site address (URL). You will have to do it manually.

Going by the recent frequent releases, one may be tempted to presume that we may soon have a new release of 3.1. But it seems the team wants to take a break from the release cycles so that it can focus on other areas of development like profiles, forums, plugin repository, theme directory, wordcamp and so on – while we enjoy the stable WordPress 3.0 with all the cool features.

You can read the official release post here.

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