What Does Hosting a Website Entail?

If you are looking to build a website, there are web hosting services all over the internet. Which one you choose depends on what types of services you want and how you are willing to pay. You no longer need to purchase the services of an expensive web developer to get your site going. Many web hosting services offer affordable packages for beginners to cut their teeth in the field of web design. Before you jump in, you might want to know exactly what hosting a website entails and that usually involves doing some web hosting comparison research first.

The Basics of Web Hosting

Before getting into hosting; design and development should already have been taken care of. A website is basically a group of HTML files, CSS files, images and photos. In order for the files to be accessed by the public, the files need to be maintained on a computer that is always hooked up to the internet. These computers are called servers. Your domain name is typed into a user’s browser and establishes a connection to the DNS or domain name server that holds your website name. The DNS directs the user to the right hosting server that holds your files. Many people get both web hosting and domain name hosting from the same company, but you have the choice to acquire them separately.


Types of Web Hosting

The details of how the web hosting process works depends on what type of web hosting you purchase. Shared web hosting involves your website sharing a server with a great many other sites. Clustered hosting involves many servers hosting the same content. Dedicated hosting services involve you getting full control of your own web server. Hosting on Virtual dedicated servers involves the division of resources among multiple virtual servers. There is also Reseller hosting, Managed hosting, Colocation hosting and Cloud hosting.

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