InMotion Web Hosting Review

InMotion is a name that shows up in virtually any hosting related list and is scattered all over the web when you are performing a search on web hosts. InMotion has been around for quite some time and has gained considerable reputation over the years. Its market lies in serious website owners looking to host a website for business purposes in varied degrees. InMotion hosting offers solutions required by small-scale businesses operating in a very small niche to much larger businesses, web based and offline alike inviting thousands of visitors per day.


InMotion Shared Hosting Options

InMotion’s most economical package is the Launch package in their “business hosting” range offering restricted options such as only 2 websites on account and 2 MySQL databases available. If you are looking to host several small websites on a single host, the Launch package will certainly not cut it. Their Power or Pro business hosting package however, offers a lot more in terms of quantity to work with. Disk space and bandwidth has been provided as “unlimited” to simplify things and leave the technical jargon out of the way for the newbies, however just like any other “unlimited” hosting package provided with a number of hosting providers, it does have strict limitations. Any unusual traffic will not be supported by the service.


VPS Hosting Solution from InMotion

If you are serious about hosting, InMotion’s VPS hosting solutions will be ideal. Their VPS plan starts from $30 a month (yearly term) with decent specifications. Only 40GB of storage is available with a considerable 750GB of bandwidth per month. This may not be the cheapest solution which is where InMotion Coupon Codes can be helpful. Besides its relatively higher price, it is one of the largest hosting providers due to its professionalism and only a few cases related to downtime issues. Other points worth mentioning with InMotion’s VPS hosting is free cPanel provided with all accounts as well frequent backups to ensure security.

InMotion Dedicated Server Hosting

InMotion offers 5 different options for dedicated servers which speak volumes for what their target market is. InMotion lays more emphasis on business oriented hosting; with special attention to large-scale businesses; web based and offline. Their cheapest dedicated hosting plan is priced at $120 a month with a modest amount of storage and bandwidth. This includes a 320 GB hard disk as well as 4 TB of bandwidth per month. Their third tier of dedicated hosting is typically the highest you would need for a dedicated server if you are an individual looking to host a website amassing thousands of visitors a day. This package offers 8TB of bandwidth per month with 1.5 TB of hard disk space and a powerful Intel Xeon processor to keep things rolling without any hindrances.

They also have two commercial packages available ideal for large companies handling a major web presence online requiring powerful servers for major processing such as handling payment transactions or web based applications. Their commercial packages are available as two options ranging from $470-$570 per month. These packages include a server with 6 – 12 cores as well as over a terabyte of disk space and 10 TB of bandwidth per month. InMotion Coupon Codes can offer a valuable discount on dedicated servers.

InMotion Customer Support

InMotion’s support alone is a reason big enough to sign up for their hosting. InMotion understands the importance of support when it comes to web hosting where a couple of hours of downtime can cost a website owner a considerable sum of money, typically If he has purchased a dedicated hosting plan and is managing a large-scale business online. InMotion provides support on two levels; Standard Support and Premier Support. InMotion is one of the few companies offering extended support features at a fee. By default their Standard Support seems quite sufficient. However, if you are looking for an extra, dedicated watchdog to ensure your server stays up without any issues all the time, you might want to consider their premium support.

Standard Support: First of all, their standard support is available for the first time webmaster looking to make a web presence online all the way to the internet tycoon managing hundreds of thousands of customers. Their promise is instant support by phone or live chat 24 hours for every day of the year. You also have the option of email support which you may opt for if your query can wait for a few hours.

Premier Support: Premier support is particularly targeted at customers who have purchased dedicated hosting. Premier support comprises of an “advanced” support team with a high level of expertise to quickly and efficiently provide you with assistance for any issue you may have. Response times to queries are even faster with Premier Support. Premier support has extensive knowledge on technical issues that may appear during the course of use of dedicated servers. Premier support also features plans to manage security and backups as well as recommendations on disk partitioning and custom software configuration. Premier support consulting can be purchased starting from $40 a month to up to $100 a month with an additional charge for extra hours of consulting. You can alternatively opt for the one-time $75 per hour consulting fee if you do not want to make a monthly commitment for Premier Support.


Based on the services offered and product positioning, it is apparent that InMotion is meant for serious webmasters looking to manage a website for monetary means. If you fall into this category, don’t waste your time, get started right away! Their slightly higher prices will be compensated with a high level of professionalism and support at no extra cost. If however, you are just starting out in the world of internet marketing making a few bucks here and there, it’s best to resort to a more economical option and consider going for InMotion once you have increased your reach.


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