Host1Plus Shared Hosting Review

Shared web hosting starting at mere $10 per year or $0.83 per month… That’s Host1Plus for you. Founded in the year 2008, the company has more than 10 datacenters spread across the world and offers all levels of hosting including shared, VPS, reseller and dedicated. Within each type of hosting, there are multiple packages/configurations to choose from, giving customers a good deal of flexibility. In this review, we’ll examine how good their shared hosting is and whether it is worth your money.

Host1Plus Shared Hosting Packages

There are 4 plans to choose from – Starter, Personal, Business and Business Pro. The Starter plan starting at $10 a year is the cheapest one but don’t forget to have a look at all the features it offers before you fall for it. That’s because it might be missing on few of your requirements; for instance, you don’t get MySQL or PostgreSQL database with it, and hence, if you are buying it to set up a WordPress site or use it for any other project that needs a database, then this plan obviously is not for you; you should in that case check out their Personal Plan or the higher ones.


All the 4 plans give you the advantage of 1Gbit Uplink network and come with an uptime guarantee of 99%. You also get 24/7 technical support irrespective of the hosting package you buy. Unlike most other hosting packages marketed under the gimmick of ‘unlimited’ tag with actual resource restrictions hidden deep inside the terms of use, Host1Plus seems to be very upfront about resource allocation you’re entitled to under each plan. This will prevent users from abrupt suspension of services, a very common problem in the web hosting industry.

Another differentiating factor is their pricing strategy. Unlike most competitors who place too much emphasis on long term commitment by offering highly discounted prices, Host1Plus pricing difference between 1 year and 2 year packages is very reasonable. For example, you can buy 2 years of Personal Hosting Plan for $1.95 per month whereas it will cost you $2 per month (i.e. just $0.05 higher) if you buy for 1 year. This in a way is a good thing for new users, who can try out their hosting without any long term commitment.

What You Get

Though the server resources vary with the level of plan you subscribe for, here are some common features of Host1Plus Shared hosting:

  • 99% uptime guarantee
  • Unlimited email accounts
  • Latest version of PHP
  • Softaculous auto installer script that enables you to install about 128 applications in a jiffy (database restrictions apply for the Starter Plan)
  • 24×7 technical support
  • 1Gbit network uplink
  • The most popular cPanel control panel
  • Choice of server location from their multiple datacenters in different countries

Optional Upgrades

They also offer a number of paid upgrades with each hosting plan; you just need to add them to your cart during the checkout process:

  • SSL certificate
  • Spam protection
  • Extra-Care Support
  • Dedicated IP (paid monthly or yearly)

The Good

So, what is good about Host1Plus shared hosting? Here are some positive pointers:

  • Great prices
  • Better performance due to the choice of server location nearer to your target audience
  • Highly flexible to meet varied needs and budgets
  • Commands loyalty of more than 34 thousand customers
  • Average rating of 4.7 Stars out of 5 in more than 2 thousand reviews by verified customers
  • You can easily upgrade to higher plans
  • When you outgrow your shared hosting, you don’t have to look elsewhere since the company also offers VPS and dedicated server hosting
  • 14-day money-back guarantee

The Bad

The company does not seem to offer phone support. Though there are other support channels like online chat, email, ticket system, etc. phone support seems to be missing from the list.


Feature rich, inexpensive and flexible hosting with solid customer support. If you’ve been looking for an affordable hosting with good brand value, you should give it a shot!