Why Should You Have Your Own Domain Name?

It’s smart to have an identity on the web that isn’t created by any other brand or corporation. Websites give you all the power over your web identity. You can create a site that celebrates any hobby, sport, desire, skill or just hosts pictures of cats. Anyone can benefit from having their own space on the web. It’s the way that you celebrate your own style and really make something that’s particular to your personality.

Your voice is a key factor in designing your own site and publishing content. It’s also pretty easy to register a domain. For example, domain name registration service at Register.com is quick and quite cheap. You can even do a bulk domain registration if you have a ton of ideas and don’t know which one to pick.


When you register a domain, you’re also creating a possibility. Haven’t you ever had an idea for a new business or invention? You could celebrate those ideas with domain names and ensure that the prospects of your future business remain brighter than ever.

Most people register funny domain names or get into the craze as new extensions come out. In just a few months, ICANN is releasing thousands of new domain names. While the move is controversial, there will be a storm to get the best domain names and brand names registered before anyone else. These changes are speculated to arrive in August. If you’ve been watching domains, you’ll be ready for the newest domains and start registering early.