Virtual Merchandiser to Help Manufacturers Sell Online

One of the biggest questions that the manufacturers have to deal with today is – how to control online brand image in order to improve online sales and retain customer loyalty?

Manufacturers, big and small, are eyeing opportunities to sell their products online, either through their own site directly or by directing the prospects to their distributors’ website. While on one hand, it results in improved sales margins for the manufacturers, on the other, to some extent, it also prevents the customers from getting distracted and falling for the competitors’ products.


Manufacturers who are keen to promote and sell their products can resort to virtual merchandising services to better manage their online activities associated with merchandising and further maximize their virtual shelf. Thanks to the advancement in technologies, manufacturers’ can now work more closely with their retailers and distributors to gather information/data from their targeted consumers on various new and existing products.

Features and benefits

There are numerous benefits of virtual merchandising for the manufacturers.

Track the clicks: Manufacturers can also determine and measure their click through rates, carry out analysis and garner price information of their online channel of distributors and retailers by relying on virtual merchandising services.

It allows them to strengthen their distribution network and further gain the retailers’ and distributors’ confidence and loyalty.

Help your distributors sell: Manufacturers can use virtual merchandising options to encourage the visitors to buy their products from their own network of distributors and retailers. As a manufacturer, you can inform and better educate your retailers to pass on the savings to the end-user.

Identify the violating retailers: Manufacturers can also identify those retailers who aren’t offering products as per their set guidelines. They can also find out the areas where their products lack in terms if coverage, and analyze consumers’ buying pattern or behavior.

Keep track of retailers’ performance: In addition to this, manufacturers can also view individual retailers’ performance and compare one retailer with another against different metrics. They can also use virtual merchandising service to identify problem creating retailers as well as track if any sort of price violation is taking place within the distribution network.

Administer online sales: The service enables the manufacturers to manage and administer online sales and collate essential information about their distribution network. Manufacturers can use the service to categorize their chain of retailers on the basis of pre-defined criteria and identify retailers and distributors who match their pricing for every product.

How does it work?

The way virtual merchandising service works is very simple. It first identifies various web pages of different retailers, in search for specific information such as pricing and stock and then tries to identify whether or not any pricing violation has taken place. It then compiles this entire data and information and sends it to the concerned manufacturer in the form of an e-mail report.

Ideosity, a good choice

So, if you are a manufacturer on the lookout for virtual merchandising options, then could well help you turn your dreams into reality.

The site offers an innovative offline and online service for manufacturers with regard to selling products through the distribution channel. This unique service has been designed to allow manufacturers to direct their web visitors to pre-verified web pages of their distributors so that the visitor can purchase the products easily.