5 Tips for a Simple Yet Refreshing Blog Design

Looks matter, and before you jump upon a conclusion going by these two words, I’d want to take your attention towards importance of a blog’s looks for making it popular among masses. Yes, the design of a blog holds a vital role in deciding its readership. However, there’s a misconception that redesigning a blog can be an expensive affair. I beg to differ here. There are plethoras of ways through which you can bring astonishing changes in your blog without the need of spending even a penny. If you’re contended with your blog’s layout, but still wish to bring in further improvements in its design, then this post is certainly going to help you out.

The below mentioned tips can be incorporated in your blog in order to bring significant improvement in its appeal.

Increase Heading Size


It has been seen that a majority of people just scan a blog’s content. All this while, they go through subheadings of the blog. It’s quite easy to work on this aspect. You can keep the heading and subheading large and apparent. If you want to show your professional side to the readers, then it’s essential for you to focus on such minute aspects of blog. In the long run, it’s these aspects which determine your blog’s daily and monthly views.

Work on the Blog’s Contrast

It has been seen that a majority of bloggers commit this mistake. Some colored theme may look good but they will be a clear “No” for some readers. For instance, your post text in light grey color, then it’s highly likely that you might come across people complaining about the font. Some readers might not be able to read the blog because of the font, so you would have to increase the contrast. Low quality monitors might face reading your blog if the contrast is fairly lower. The contrast should be clear between your blog’s background and text. Making these small changes will make your blog easily readable.

Additional Space

You should have worries about whitespace in your blog. It is essential for you to ensure that there’s optimal spacing between the content and edges of the blog. The minimum spacing should be 20 pixels. Generally, people prefer 30 pixels as the standard spacing. This will show clear different between content and other aspects of the blog and blog will be easier to read.

Avoid Distractions

Have you ever tried concentrating on something when someone is trying his best to disturb you? It would be a really bad experience, isn’t it? The same experience would be of all your readers who’d come on blog full of flash banners. You should look for advertisers who avoid flash banners and look for more content rather than graphical pictures. You should add social media sharing buttons. However, if you’re forcing someone to share your blog, then it can be an irritating experience. In such a case, it would possibly your visitor’s last visit. There’s a limit for everything and beyond that it becomes intolerable; it’s your responsibility to know this limit.

Easy Navigation

Firstly, you should be having a main menu blog navigation search bar which helps a visitor navigate in different sections of your blog. You should place the navigation bar at the top of the blog because then it will easier for people to use it more often. If you use many categories, then the importance of easy navigation increase multi-fold. You can use sidebars in the best interest of your blog. It can help in the blog’s navigation. If you’re posting some links, then you should ensure that they lead to the page you intend to. Moreover, they should look clickable and you can do this by clearly underlining the text.

Having a solid blog design is not a big deal, provided you are having some basic information. All it takes is keeping everything clean, organized and user-friendly. We should care our readers and what better way can it be, if we increase their reading experience. Cutting down on those flashy banners and exploding background. The simpler it is, the better it looks.

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