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In the overwhelming digital reality, Internet has proved a powerful equalizer for all businesses. The web has now allowed their presence to break through the geographical barriers and become virtually accessible worldwide. Outdated traditional marketing methods are quickly losing ground, being replaced by powerful online campaigns. That unconditionally turns websites with social media feeds in a valuable tool for marketing and streamlining. Bound to have an innumerable return, they are now the new business E-face, tracing the online success of every brand.

Here are some tangible benefits that running a professional website offers:

  • Gain credibility and boost online image
  • Cut marketing budget
  • Get social and expand market reach
  • Handle the Competition
  • Ensure 24/7 access to all products and services
  • Build stable brand awareness

There are plenty of tools out there to help you promote your brand and boost marketing effectiveness. Unfortunately most of them are tough to handle or not cheap to afford. That makes it difficult for all the small businesses and entrepreneurs that have just stepped on the business track.

  • Looking to build a great professional website to boost your business activity?
  • Just founded a start-up and still tight on the budget?
  • Not familiar with coding and programming?

Facing those questions? Then, right on the spot you are! Puzl website builder has already figured out how valuable it would be to make the creation of professional websites become a free and accessible reality for all.

Read through the article below to discover what Puzl can do for your newly launched business initiative.

What is Puzl?


Headquartered in the UK, Puzl is a widget based business website builder, designed to help SMEs, entrepreneurs, advanced web users and beginners alike, succeed over the web, by creating a 100 % free and fully customizable websites that rapidly become visible in the results of major search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

Specific features to outline the tool from competitors

It’s beyond discussion; tech market is crowded with all kind of innovative tools to help you build your online presence. The further competition goes, the higher level of functionality the digital world requires.

What makes Puzl stand out of the crowd? The answer: a great mix of features that combine speed and simplicity of creation on top of being totally free of charge.

Get personally convinced by exploring Puzl set of functionalities:

1. 100% free to build: You better believe it! Building a website on Puzl is 100% free of charge. No trial period or hidden costs. Once built on the platform, your Puzl website stays yours and free forever. That’s a great opportunity for all start-ups to create a professional showcase with zero marketing budget, relocating the raised capital in other fields of advertising.

2. DIY friendly interface: In the scope of the belief that a website is too much of a vital business tool to be hidden under complicated codes, Puzl team of programmers continuously focuses on building easy-to-use tools and designs that let anyone effortlessly manage a full website with no external help needed.

Important characteristics to be highlighted here

Few things are only needed to build a website on a computer, a mouse in hand and a very basic vision of how your professional website will look like. In case of lacking such a vision or awareness, no need to delve into what it should look like; default design templates are available to provide specific page layouts including high quality stock photos and dummy text. All the rest is fun.

The interface is user friendly. The intuitive Drag and Drop technology allows users to easily situate, edit, move and resize all page elements (called widgets) to design their truly unique webpages.

1. Fully Customized websites: A vast array of over 25 widgets (such as text, image, video, sound, slideshows, photo galleries, google map, links, etc.), help users build their fully customized site, with a total liberty of personalization. By picking the most preferable templates and color schemes members of the platform leverage from the absolute freedom to create the best showcase combination for their business needs. Besides, they can gladly choose between:

  • Constantly enriched collection of design themes, proposed to enable users build their lively and attractive web space. Being thoughtfully adapted to all the specific key areas, they help you create a website as unique as your business is. All you need to do is simply choose your favorite one and apply it to your site in one click only.
  • Blank canvas option, giving independence and creativity hint to those having their own vision of how their professional site should look like.

Most importantly, control over the site remains yours at all times. No need to wait for the external help of experts. Instead, you are flexible to modify, update and publish it yourself any time you want to.

2. Unlimited pages and storage: All Puzl websites boast no limitations of storage or traffic, allowing users to unleash their imagination and add as many pages, text content and photos as desired. They are given the opportunity to present their business in all the richness of products and services offered. It’s great to do so, without being restricted to count page numbers or fit in a predefined web space.

3. Ads-free: This is definitely one of the best features within the platform. No one likes his products and services to be dipped amongst advertising banners, being pretty undesirable distractors for the prospects. Unlike most of the tools existing on the web that are ad-supported; Puzl boasts an ad-free configuration that makes the websites being displayed exactly the way they were created. Thus, the branding and revenue generation stay both in favor of the website owners and this, again for free!

4. Mobile ready: The evolution of internet usage is leading to more and more people utilizing smartphones and tablets to navigate over the internet. Passionate about new technologies, Puzl has already adapted the platform’s entire interface to make sure that websites, built within the platform, are accessible from all navigators integrating touch screen technologies. Mobile device optimization is an excellent privilege since it makes websites extra future-proof and guarantees their flexibility in the digital arena of ever-growing mobile market.

5. Socialmedia integrated: Social media has now become inseparable part of the online prosperity of every business unit. Considering that fact, Puzl platform is specially designed to be fully social media integrated, giving users the opportunity to expand their business reach to all major social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Thanks to a “news wall”, directly connected to social channels, Puzlists (the members of the platform) are able to either directly publish on their site and syndicate to Social Media short updates (micro blogging messages up to 240 characters) or click “Article Mode” to write a full article, including photos, videos, etc.

6. SEO optimized: Search engines nowadays are quite picky, analyzing sites and altering their ranking in accordance with content quality. It is for this reason that all tools within the platform, are conceived to follow best practices and assure the rapid increase of websites’online visibility.

The important note here: The more the Puzl community grows the more online visibility the members will gain.

Having in mind how important the online visibility of a website is, a great thing about Puzl is that an online comprehensive step by step process to building a free SEO website is available, advising members on picking the best URL structure, techniques to write for the content of their sites, explaining what is a meta description etc.

7. Professional domain name: Websites are all hosted within the domain as this is the best way for Puzlists to benefit from the SEO added value of the business platform. For those who prefer to use their own domain names, linked to their Puzl accounts, the Domain Mapping solution is thoughtfully featured exactly for that purpose. Thus, Puzl websites appear on external domain (.com, .info,, as a part of Puzl premium services, on top of this, the “link Juice” of your Puzl sub-domain is directly transferred to your new domain! So it will rapidly gain online visibility.

8. Free customer support: The team of Puzl has created a full support package adapted to all needs, including both real time email and telephone customer support. Puzl support agents are available at all times to provide an expert advisory and ensure that the entire process around creation and post-building maintenance of the sites goes smoothly.


Being in evolution mode, Puzl continuously releases new functionalities, lining up with the requirements of the contemporary website building. The platform is energetically growing, so does the motivation of the team to reach new professional summits, meet all members’ needs and even exceed expectations.

What is a better example of proficiency than some real professional showcases, being already created within the platform? Have a look to get your inspiration up.


Ready to become a part of the community now? Walk that extra mile with Puzl to build your professional image absolutely for free! Have fun, get creative, share your customized product when done to introduce your business venture to the world.

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