.Edu Domain Registration Rules: Who is Eligible?

There has been a lot of discussion going on when it comes to .edu domains. The main two topics about .edu domains that have been discussed include whether or not such top notch domain names include enough Google juice punch or who is able to qualify to register for such a domain. Unfortunately there has been a lot of false information floating around on the topic. So, here is our earnest attempt at setting the record straight once and for all about .edu domains.

What is an edu domain?

Edu domains are the ones that you see .edu extension at the end of a domain, instead of .com, .org, .net, etc. They are used by educational institutions such as universities and colleges for their websites. Edu is considered to be the second most authoritative domain extension only after .gov that is reserved for government websites.


How to get a .edu domain and what are the requirements?

Edu domains are governed by Educause and there are certain restrictions as to who can register .edu domains. As mentioned before, such domains are often used for educational institutions and they are usually those that are secondary educational companies. These organizations are generally institutionally accredited, meaning that the particular institution that will be using an .edu domain name has to be accredited by an agency of the U.S. department of Education. They are typically on a list that is known as the Nationally Recognized Accrediting Agencies. Some of the other accrediting bodies that can certify you to qualify for an edu domain include Regional Institutional Accrediting Agencies, and Specialized Accrediting Bodies. Thus, it would be very difficult or almost impossible for an individual to qualify for a .edu domain.

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