5 Tips to a Great Website Design

The key to creating a good website is to create one that keeps people longer. The funny fact is that there are two polar reasons that keep individuals from staying on your website. If your website is way too simple, chances are that it’ll bore your readers and keep them away.

Another reason that keeps individuals from staying on your website is too many graphics. Websites flooded with graphics are a pull on internet, meaning they take longer time to load. In addition, most cell phones can’t even load most of these websites.


Along with these considerations, there are few others that we will cover today in this article.

1. Stick with Your Design

Put yourself in the mindset of some of the most classic designs out there. When you think about them, you usually have the same memory as you did 5 years ago. This is due to the fact that most website designs don’t change frequently. Logos shouldn’t change at all, or at least should only have a minor refresh.

When you stick to the same design, you allow people to remember your brand and allow users to immediately recognize it when they see it.

2. Keep Navigation Simple

Scavenger hunts are fun, but not for websites. One tip to a great website design is to keep the website simple to navigate. It is almost essential to have a site map and tabs on the front page. This allows users to find what they want to see, or see the site as a whole.

3. Consider the Experience of Diverse Readers

It is always easy to just think about the majority of our readers. If you have a lot of readers who view on personal computers, you may find yourself only focusing on that. However, it is great to prepare your website for the visit of users on mobile phones and slower connections.

4. Have a Mobile Version

Investing time in creating a good mobile version of your site is a plus and will increase quality traffic. If you are outside of the start-up mode, even consider an iPhone/Android application!

5. Get Professional Help

You can’t go at this alone if you want an advanced website. It is always great to seek help from professional web designers. While the designing aspect is the larger picture, the performance and experience are also things to take into consideration because a slow, confusing website will turn people off.

  1. March 21, 2012