Make Your Life Easy with MyLife – Manage Multiple Online Identities at One Place

Thanks to the increasing use of internet, most of our social networking and mail communication has gone online. Some services like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, Linkedin, etc. are used by us daily whereas there can be numerous other services that we may not use that often. Most of these sites require you to create a new username and password to manage the account. As an offshoot of this, we end up creating multiple online accounts and identities that somewhat become cumbersome to manage over a period of time.

You may be having a Gmail account to manage your professional work. You may also have another Gmail account to access your personal emails. Then, you may also have multiple accounts with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Yahoo!, and MSN. Accessing each service to know all the updates, alerts, and messages is not easy. You will have to open several tabs on your web browser and login into each account to access all your social accounts. At times, you may forget that you have an account on a certain social site and when you want to check it, you may not remember its login details. Hence, it becomes quite difficult to manage all your online identities on your own.


Now, what if you got something wherein you can sync all your accounts at one place! helps you do exactly that. It helps you access all your email accounts and social feeds easily under one roof without requiring you to go through the cumbersome process of entering your login credentials for each of these services separately each time. is a versatile service that lets you access all your online social networking profiles and updates through one easy-to-use dashboard. All you need to do is link all your email accounts and social networking profiles with as a onetime process; and you are all ready to conveniently access all your emails and social updates through its intuitive interface.

Apart from this, you also get some other value additions. You can find out who is searching for you on the internet and the number of times your profiles were viewed on social sites. Similarly, it can help you find new connections as well. Truly, it does make your life easy!

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