Integrate Google Plus with Your WordPress Website – Some Easy Tips

If you haven’t heard of it yet, Google Plus is one of the hottest social networking websites out there. What sets it apart? It’s not even available to the general public yet. Yep, you read it right. The social networking website with over 10 million users is still in limited field test invite mode.

google-plus-in-wordpressWith this spike in membership, there had to be a consideration for the tons of writers and bloggers on the site. With the tips below, we will help you understand how to bring your WordPress site together with your Google Plus.

1. Google Plus Invites for Your Readers

One great opportunity to have your WordPress audience get more involved with Google Plus is to offer an incentive. Individuals online, and anywhere else for that matter, want a reason to check out the site. When you make regular blog posts about the new website, also allow your readers to get a chance to be apart of the growing site.

Google Plus has an option that allows you to send invites to individuals to join the website. You can add at the bottom of each relevant post to ask your readers if they want to join. They can fill out a form you created or add their email to the list. Another great way is to invite individuals who subscribe to your blog. This will allow your blog to grow in subscriptions while you grow your follower base on the site as well.

2. Google Plus Theme on Your Site

There are a ton of developers on WordPress that are attracted to the way Google Plus is set up. You can surprise your readers by having the Google Plus theme as your website’s theme. Just google for ‘google plus wordpress theme’ and you’ll find many.

3. Add Your Google Plus Profile on Your Site

There are few really nice plugins out there that conveniently allow you to display your Google Plus profile or post on your website. All you need to do is install the plugin and fill out your Google Plus credentials – easy as that.

4. +1 Your Posts

If you are a Google Plus junkie, then you may find yourself sharing and posting a ton of information at all times of the day and night. However, Google Plus users who visit your website may want to share your content on Google Plus.

This can be done easily by installing the vast selection of +1 plugins available on WordPress. Users only have to click the +1 if they like your post. The post will then be shared on their profile. What easier way than this can there be to promote your posts!

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