How to Increase Your Facebook Page Likes

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites for family, friends, and colleagues and hottest for business owners, celebrities, and public figures. There are over 2.2 billion monthly active Facebook users worldwide (as of Q4 2017). Facebook gets one out of every five page views in the United States, which means that it’s a big market on the web that could help you earn huge returns.


Bloggers and marketers opt for a Facebook page to market their products and services. In order to have an impressive Facebook page, you must have lots of people liking your page. Higher the number of likes, higher would be the trustworthiness of the page in the eyes of the general public. Let’s understand and take a walk through the simplest to complex methods of getting likes for your Facebook page.

Complete the Page Setup Process

An incomplete or a hurriedly created page is a big turnoff. Make sure you have an attractive profile picture and the cover image. Fill up all the relevant information like page description and your website URL. Add the necessary tabs and elements to make it easily accessible to people.

Invite, Comment, and Share

Invite as many friends as you can to like your page. Also ask them to invite their friends to the page. Mention your Facebook page URL while commenting on other people’s blogs. Try adding a Facebook like box on your website; you can easily do this using a plugin.

There would be many Facebook pages similar to yours. Follow the “share for share” and “shout for shout” strategy to publicize your content. Ask your competitor to share your Facebook page on their page in return for sharing their page on yours.

Post Interesting Content

Go for the best content that attracts people to follow your page. Sharing others’ posts offers greater value to the audience. Useful content related to your niche becomes a resource for a particular crowd interested in that topic.

Use Images and Videos

Nowadays we find many cooking pages created by experts. However only those with good images and videos are popular among the people. People today are short of time and expect everything to be done quickly. Posting a collage mentioning steps will help public save their time and understand things easily. However, the images should be related to your industry. If you are into updating “how to or not to do things”, don’t just concentrate on the content writing but rather opt for images and quick videos explaining the things.

Organize Contests and Giveaways

Organizing contests and giving away free prizes helps in boosting your page likes since people who participate in the contest bring in more customers or followers to the page. Using an email list too works wonders. Normally, the process here involves making it mandatory for the participants to like the page in order to gain entry into the contest. Offering discounts is another method to attract more followers.

Make Use of Paid Opportunities

A good way to increase your page likes is through Facebook ads. Target the right audience to get high CTR while promoting your Facebook page and posts.

A mix and match of all the above methods would give you best results to increase your Facebook page likes.