FanBox: World’s First Social Network that Belongs to Its Users

With the rise of social network platforms like Orkut and Facebook, the world got to know the power of user generated content. Most of what started as simple social networking sites are now multi-billion dollar revenue generating corporations that generate most of their revenue through the sponsored links and content that the users generate and share.

Most companies that use social networking sites like facebook for promotion and advertisement, pay facebook for providing more and more reach to their posts and advertisement links. A question now arises that if social network platforms like facebook and Google+ can generate revenue from user generated content, why can’t the users do the same for themselves?


What Is FanBox?

FanBox is a social networking website that gives its users a chance to earn through sharing advertisements and sponsored links on their profile and trying to get it across as many users as they can. More likes or more fans you have on your profile the more are your earning probabilities as your shared content will be viewed by a higher number of people. The users also have a chance to gain bigger fans. Bigger fans are simply the people who share and view the majority of your posts.

How to Earn Through FanBox

The approach of FanBox is simple, share and earn. The more sponsored links and advertisements you share, the more revenue you earn. A part of your earnings as made clear in the terms and agreements would be forwarded to your favorite charitable cause and the rest will reflect as your earnings on your profile. You have to simply make interesting blogs and share advertisements that would direct more and more people towards your blogs.

How Can A User Increase His/her Earnings?

The users also earn through creation of smart links, which are links to other people’s blogs who work with similar content as yours. The creation of links is not aimed at taking people’s attention from your profile but towards providing people with as detailed information about a certain topic by creation of hyperlinks. This is strategy well evidenced in the famous user generated online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, where the content is generated by the various users across the world.

Is it Safe to use?

The website clearly mentions that the website is in the Alpha Phase, which means it is still in the experimental phase. It only serves to special types of users who have agreed to the terms and conditions of the website that can be read while registering for FanBox. Upon registering, the terms and conditions clearly states that the user is susceptible to losses and can lose time along with money. So, read the terms and conditions carefully before registering.

How can I Register for FanBox?

Unfortunately due to the experimental nature of FanBox, the registration is open on invitation basis only. Getting an invitation is simple, visit the facebook page for FanBox Invitations and copy one of the several activation codes provided in the posts and at the FanBox website click on sign up and enter the activation code. You might need to try different codes mentioned on the Facebook page till an unused one is found. After entering the code, you can either sign up by linking your Facebook account with FanBox or by entering your email address. FanBox will send you an email with a link that you can visit and complete your registration details. If you do not wish to earn through the blogging, sharing and linking on FanBox, you can use it as a simple social networking website similar to Facebook and is based on a similar layout.

The Goal

As the increasing problems like unemployment due to the replacement of humans by the use of modern technology, a need arises where people can earn through simple jobs on the internet while connecting with people from across the world. This is the whole idea behind the concept of social networking platforms. While most corporate like Google and Facebook etc., earn and keep the profits for themselves and their employees, FanBox takes the idea to the next level by distributing and sharing the generation of revenue to the creators of the content, that is in turn the very users themselves.

While most users on the internet simply brush the website off as scam, the number of FanBox users keeps increasing. Most people who have used FanBox have generated huge amount of earnings that can be cashed by linking your PayPal or your credit card account. Several marketing visionaries have realized the power of this idea and have written about this across several books and blogs.

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