Facebook Applications – Where The Buyer Shares Your Sales Pitch For You!

It’s quick, it’s easy and it opens the door to a potential 500 million new customers. A well designed, engaging Facebook application spreads like a fire, from wall to wall, happily assisting potential customers to volunteer up their personal information and to view your marketing material. A poorly designed one will waste ten minutes of your time and do not much else.


Before you start building your app, think about the interests and needs of your potential customers and then work with that. Don’t think about how to sell to them, think about how to make them laugh, or think or share their feelings (and your app) with their friends.

Building A Facebook App Is Then Just A Matter of Following Some Instructions

1. Download the Application builder to your profile (search Application builder to find it)

2. Scroll through the list of applications and find one that suits your potential customers. If you want to get them talking about themselves and their interests, a quiz is the best option but all the applications listed are easy to build and use.

3. Fill in all the initial information, choosing a catchy title for your quiz.

4. Next go to “Outcomes” and fill in three or more desirable results. Make sure your results play on the emotion you are trying to procure as this is also a good spot to add your URL (don’t go over the top with advertising or Facebook may ban your quiz)

5. Fill in a series of fun and engaging questions. If you are asking very personal questions (and the idea of telling a secret can be enticing to you readers) make sure there is a “none of your business” option so you don’t get shut down. Make sure your spelling and grammar is accurate too.

6. Finally, carefully fill in the last page, following all instructions to the letter to prevent usability problems down the line. Remember to leave the Application Name box empty.

7. In the edit screen, you can fill in your details as a Facebook developer. It is not recommended you touch any of the other settings until you become more confident with application building.

8. On the “set up dashboard”:

  • Upload your logo or branding
  • Use the yellow page for promotion ideas.
  • Edit the About the Application page.
  • And, most importantly, invite some friends to use your application as you need a minimum of ten users before you can publish it to the Facebook Application Directory.

9. Once your friends are using your app, go back to the “Promote Your Application” page and use the orange link to apply for your app to be placed on the Facebook wide apps directory. This is where you could be in trouble if you’ve put too much sales information into your app! The approval process takes about two weeks, after that, there are 500 million reasons to cross your fingers and hope you did a great job!

This is just another new way to reach your market without the high costs of traditional advertising. Used correctly, there’s no stopping your app!

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