5 Must Have Twitter Apps for Social Media Experts

Twitter is not an easy social media tool to play with. It has a rich source of constantly updated information. It is an amazing tool for your small or large-scale business and a personal account that helps you to add friends or customers in your business. Twitter can help your business grow and can also help you with other tools like email and direct marketing.


If you wish to get updated on a wide variety of topics then twitter is the place to be. Social media experts and businessmen are finding Twitter a great tool that helps to get the word around, and connect to their customers and clients in a better way.

Various applications have been developed to help manage our tweets. Twitter apps let you get the links that you share, organize and monitor your followers, offer coupons, etc. Here are 5 Twitter apps that can be of great help for your marketing campaigns.

1. HootSuite

Hootsuite, a major player in the Twittersphere. It is an amazing toolbox to help you manage your multiple Twitter and social media profiles, add multiple editors, pre-schedule tweets, and measure your success. HootSuite has launched its enterprise version, HootSuite Pro. It is an all-in-one platform for those who heavily invest in the social media world or happen to manage social media accounts for clients. It’s convenient to use this making your time and efforts efficient.

2. TweetDeck

TweetDeck in Twitter will be helpful to you in many ways. This app can run on your desktop PC – Windows, Mac, or Linux, iphone, and iPad. TweetDeck is effective for  productivity. It’s an awesome tool that updates your  social media sites like Twitter, Facebook, Google Buzz, MySpace, FourSquare and Linkedin – all at a time. From marketing perspective, it is the key to look for people who are talking about your industry or your organization.

3. who.unfollowed.me

Don’t know who unfollowed you on Twitter? Login to “who.unfollowed.me” on Twitter find out in a jiffy. There are many reasons why people unfollow you on Twitter. When you get to know who unfollowed you and why, this kind of tracking can help you bring the desired changes in your business strategies.

Some other tools that can help you track who unfollowed you on Twitter include:

  • unfollowr@twitter
  • Qwitter
  • Goodbye, Buddy
  • Lost A Follower
  • TwittaQuitta

4. ManageFlitter

Are you willing to clean up your account in order to increase the quality of your Twitter following? Then use ManageFlitter. This app is particularly for those who have activated an auto-follow option on Twitter and are becoming friends with everyone including spammers.

Don’t make friends with all when they are not helping you; And especially if you want to become a thought leader and an influencer in your community. ManageFlitter makes the followers visible in your Twitter account who are inactive, who don’t have avatars, who aren’t following you back, and more.

5. SocialOomph

SocialOomph is a Canadian company which provides social media users with enhancement services of different nature. This helps you in enhancing productivity and save time with your social activities on Twitter, Facebook, StatusNet, and even blogs. Apps like SocialOomph are the top class leaders in this area. If social media is one of your interests, then this app may actually prove more useful for your needs than you think.

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