3mik.com – Finding Indian Stuff Made Easy

Internet would have been nothing more than a huge heap of information had there been no websites that made it easy to discover, categorize and share the stuff out there. Social bookmarking and sharing sites like Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Digg, Tumblr, etc. have been doing a great job towards this end. They have taken out the monotony and added many interesting aspects to the net. Thanks to them, today we get to know what our friends like, what is trending up and what has already become a rage.

But despite all this, little do these sites offer if you need some help in finding some great stuff around your place locally. This is when region specific sites like 3mik.com come in.

3mik.com is a website developed exclusively for the Indian audience and allows users to share and discover new and popular products in India. At first look, it is easy to mistake the site as Pinterest clone since the design is pretty much the same. But as you delve deeper, you will start noticing the difference.


It is basically a website that showcases Indian shopping items. It allows both, the buyers and the sellers, to interact and discuss a specific item of their choice. Buyers can share the items they have bought from different stores and tell about the product so that other members too get to know about it. This helps others to get a first hand picture of a product from somebody who has actually tried it out. Once a user puts up his review, picture and other information about a product, other members can have a look and plan to buy or give it a pass accordingly.

Along with the buyers, even the sellers have a good opportunity to list their product on this website along with some description and pictures. It gives them an edge to make their product more visible and popular.

There are thousands of products listed in over 12 categories. Some of the most popular categories include Cars, Crafts, Home and Kids. You can either list your product or find the products listed by others in specific categories. The navigation is pretty smooth as the pinned view makes it easier for a person to navigate and explore the website.

You need to be logged in to use the site effectively. Sign-up process is quite easy though. You get the option to either create a new account or to sign up using your existing Facebook, Twitter or Gmail account… Just a matter of few clicks and you are all ready to go.

People behind this startup are two IIT Kanpur students – Rajeev Jha and Saurabh Srivastava. The site was launched recently in June this year. Currently it is in beta phase and the addition of features and development is still going on.

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