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Creating and keeping a website or blog up and running these days has become a piece of cake. Thanks to the abundant handy web building tools that demand no hi-tech coding skills to own a website. These tools are more or less comprehensive and make web building as easy as 123.

However, webmasters have a tough time taking care of the search engine optimization of their website. Unlike availability of profuse web building tools, there aren’t many SEO tools. Though there are, almost none are comprehensive. SEO of a website involves many tasks: link building, link diversification, optimizing page load speed, improving page usability, working on CTR, keyword research, so on and so forth.

Randomly doing any work towards SEO of a website would not yield the best. One has to inevitably monitor the progress in order to refine and reinforce the chosen SEO strategies. Hence, monitoring a websites SEO forms a major SEO concern for any webmaster. Not only does he have to monitor his own website, but also ought to keenly examine his competitors’ performance, so as to have an edge over them in the search race.


Sadly, webmasters are left with no other go, than to manually use the numerous SEO tools to monitor each aspect of SEO. For instance, one tool would be used to check the PageRank, another for gauging the internal links, and yet another to see the usability of the site and readability of the content. This not only proves to be a tiring work, but also gulps a good deal of time. An ideal solution to such a problem could be a single tool that lets one monitor all the SEO aspects of a website. One such useful tool that lets a webmaster monitor and look through any website’s performance in no time is WebTarantula.

WebTarantula is a compact yet powerful tool that can be used by anyone to check the performance status of any website with just a couple of clicks. You can use it for checking the stats of your own site as well as any other site on the net. It throws a complete list of data about a website once the website address (URL) is searched in the search bar provided.

The data pertains to the searched site’s SEO and includes the IP the site runs on, sites similar to the searched URL, an SEO score for the site, PageRank of the website, keywords targeted by it, estimated daily and monthly income, social media reputation, usability stats, traffic demography, site’s content analysis and more.

It also provides suggestions for improvement wherever needed. To top it all, the tool is free to use. You can choose to browse various sites, check out the trends, or download the toolbar for your browser.

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