5 Tips for an Effective Search Engine Optimisation Strategy

Marketing today is about getting more and more consumers to get a glimpse of your brand and talk positively about it. In the era of digital marketing, SEO holds an important place. It is one such tool used to get consumers to visit your product online and talk about it. For effective SEO, you need to have a sound strategy in place. So how do you come up with a perfect SEO strategy and what all factors you should consider? Here are some helpful tips.

1. Know Your Target

Knowing your target in SEO goes a little deeper beyond demographics. You need to be aware of the kind of content they prefer, e.g. watching vs. reading online. You need to find out the keywords your target searches for. A thorough research on your target’s online habits will help you a lot in finding this.

2. Evaluate Your Website


Did you know that crawler technologies are enabled to search for HTML data only? If your website has Java apps, flash files, etc. the search engine crawlers would ignore them completely. But if this other type of data is inevitable for your site, you have ways to make it searchable. For example, assigning the alt tag to the image files can make them searchable.

Using tools like Google Cache or MozBar would allow you to know data that is not searchable by crawlers.

3. Analyse Your Competition

Marketing depends a lot on knowing what your competition does to survive and how it is faring. Keep an eye on the keywords that your competition is using. Tools like SEMrush, PPC Web Spy, etc. can help understand the keywords your competition uses. This combined with highly searched keywords of your target and your site’s current status would help you build a better search engine optimisation strategy.

4. The Keyword Strategy

Make a list of all the keywords used by your competition, the words on your website and the searches made by your target. Figure out which keywords are needed to make your site stand out. You can even find out how many people search for this keyword. Keywords are a way to determine maximum clicks on your website. So make sure you take pains to build a good keyword strategy for your site.

5. Augment Your Website

Make sure your site is user friendly for the crawlers and people visiting with respect to navigation. The labels and tags given to the pages should be exclusive so that crawlers don’t mix them up with other pages, and your brand stands out. If your site contains research content, make sure it is informative and complete.

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