RIP Link Building, What Next?

As search engines like Google intensify their campaigns aimed at improving the quality of content being posted on the internet, the need to adapt to effective online marketing strategies is vital; and new ways of building links and marketing must be considered. Although the technique remains relatively the same, there has been a major change with the way digital marketing is done in today’s market.

As the risk of getting search engine penalty is all time high, you need to select your SEO partner with utmost caution and ensure that they follow ethical ways to market your website. Steer clear of the old-fashioned typical SEO firms and go with the advanced solution providers that adhere to the changing rules of the game in devising a winning SEO strategy for you. Since link building is not as easy as it used to be till sometime back, here are some other areas you can ask your consultant to focus on for strengthening the SEO of your website.

Keyword Analysis and Use

Unlike in the past when search engines used to determine the relevance of articles based on keywords, today they emphasize more on the semantics than keyword density. This means the keywords need to be researched carefully and used cautiously in the content. With the recent Goggle Hummingbird algorithm release, keyword usage requires to be carefully observed to avoid overusing them and being classified as a spam. Also make sure the keyword is used in the title, meta description and not more than 3 times in the article.


Site Appearance and Alignment

Be it images or just the plain text, all of the design elements of your website need to be aligned in one way or the other. Alignment and the overall layout of your website should be cohesive and give a positive user experience to your visitors. Your website’s appearance plays an important role in its success and this is due to the reason the viewers have an option of ranking the website and recommend it to other users. This makes it important to have the website designed by a professional and also have the website optimized for search engines.

High Quality Content

Gone are the days when you could get away with crappy content to keep your website active. Today you must develop your own high quality, unique content. Just making your content unique from the existing content on the web is not enough; you also need to make sure the content in high quality, useful to the reader and adds value to the web. Avoid using low quality content since it will in all probability work against you by encouraging search engines to impose penalty on your site.

Social Media Optimization

Many people have social media accounts but few know these accounts play an important role in marketing your website. Today most e-commerce websites have a social media accounts that are used to post links leading to the website. The links may be temporary but they help target a specific group of individuals or clients thus helping improve your chances of making sales. The social media website also helps optimize the company or brand names helping it rank high in search engines.

Adapting to modern ways of SEO and abiding to search engine guidelines are the major requirements for achieving success with your website. Only by adhering to the search engine requirements will you be able to make any major progress with the ranking of your website.

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