Resell SEO Services from HubShout

Providing personalized services has been a major source of revenue for bloggers. This is so because the blog gives him/her the much needed opportunity to showcase the hidden talent and impress the readers or the prospective buyers.

For example, if I offer writing services, I may mention that on my blog and show off my writing skills through my blog. My blog posts may target the audience that are potential customers for my writing services. Those among my readers who get impressed and find my rates suitable are then likely to buy those services from me.


The scenario I mentioned above is one which does not require an elaborate setup unless one decides to play it at a very large level. Now there are some other services which may provide you with a sizeable source of revenue but you may not have the resources to offer them.

Let’s take the instance of search engine optimization (SEO) services. If you are to provide SEO services, you need to have somebody to analyze and optimize the content, somebody for bookmarking and social media propagation, somebody for directory submission, somebody for blog commenting, somebody to oversee the activities, measure the results and send periodic reports to the client, and so on.

This is obviously too much to do for an individual blogger who has already so much in hand in terms of maintaining the blog. What if you find somebody who can do all this for you and all that you need to do at your end is to get potential customers through your blog.

HubShout is one company that offers resell SEO opportunities for bloggers. If you have a blog which gets you potential SEO clients, then you may not like to miss this opportunity. This is equally good for those who have been providing web designing or blog set up services and want to add SEO or internet marketing to their portfolio. Get the lead, negotiate the prices at your end and pass on the background work to them for a fixed price. Everything including SEO, link building, PPC, directory submissions, email marketing, social media optimization, etc. will be taken care of.

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