Keywords in Anchor Text Links Down The Drain

If you dedicate a daily effort to obtain one way links to your website with keyword based anchor text links, DON’T! You are hurting your SERP. Google filters will measure your links and if they have keywords in the anchor text they will be devaluated. This might be part of the latest updates in Google. It might be possible for you to insert a few links with variations in your keywords but the effect remains to be seen.


This is once again another effort by Google in order to have websites building natural links. The other night I spent 35 minutes posting comments in “doFollow” blogs and posting a couple of articles here and there using the keywords “Miami Web Design”. The next day, our position in Google dropped down about 7 spaces. This has happened to us 3 times already. However, then we took the next step and worked ourselves a few comments using for anchor text just the name of our company (brand) in “doFollow” blogs as well as “noFollow” blogs and to our surprise our listing came back to its original position.

Here is our analysis

Everything nowadays with Google revolves around the word “Natural”. If you pay for links, this is considered a shortcut and a very harmful action if I may say; it is actually one of the worse ideas. If you comment on blogs leaving keyword based links (inside the anchor text), once again you are buying yourself prosperity without really proving that your website is genuine and provides good content. If you publish articles well, that is a different story since it is an honest action and it demonstrates your efforts to provide a helpful resource for your customers. So what is the ideal candidate to give good PageRank? The ideal candidate is the one who unconditionally comments on blogs and by unconditionally I mean that you are contributing to a conversation in a blog and since you do not expect anything from it you are not leaving your keyword based link.

Regardless of how grandiose Google is, it is still a piece of software; you can look at it the way you want to. Of course Google was, and is raised by a number of very talented and intelligent people but it is still a software and there are always corners to go around every software. Mix it up! Every time you work on your backlinks use your brand name instead of a keyword and for every “doFollow” link you accomplish sacrifice yourself and obtain two “noFollow” links. Keep Google on the doubt instead of confirming that all you want is the PageRank by just adding keyword based anchor links in “doFollow” scenarios.

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