Google Needs to See A Heartbeat in Your Website

This is something we have tested and it is a proven fact that if you make it a habit and update the content of your website every week, you will grab the attention of Google and you will speed up your trip to the top.

Google loves blogs


We are in the era of blogging. Almost everybody has a blog and everybody wants to have a blog; and the reason is Google loves blogging. Keywords, key phrases, link exchanges and many other SEO techniques are slowly being left behind because the main concern for Google is that you will have quality content and that such content is constantly being updated. But if you do not have a blog and instead you have a website that promotes your services then all you need to do is make believe that your website is a blog by constantly changing the content of your home page. In doing so you are providing Google with signs of life – the signs Google wants to see, signs which show that your site is active and the more often you change your content or update your content the more frequently Google will pass by and scan your pages.

Traffic is also important

Another way to attract Google’s interest in your site is by having a constant flow of traffic, but then you will ask yourself – how do I do that? If you are constantly changing the content in your pages just like the display of a shoes store in the mall, will that bring you that steady traffic? Most probably not, But there are some tricks; for example if you have clients due to a service you provide you can create a need for them to login into a private area of your website in order to check something or download something. Let me give you a real example: we have a web design home-based business, we design custom sites for small and large companies and in addition we also provide hosting solutions. Every time we design a website we also incorporate a very simple yet effective CMS (Content Management Tool) that allows our clients to access and update the pages of their websites and in order to do so they need to log in via a secure administration.

How do we use this to our benefit? Simple, we created a section inside our own website and every time our clients need to access their CXMS tool they need to go through our home page. So what is the result? Well, we have a constant traffic due to clients that need to log in via our own home page in order to get to their websites. So there you have it. Find a way to force traffic via your home page and this is going to attract Google’s attention. It will help you in your PageRank as well as increasing your SERP.

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