Buy an Expired Domain and Improve Your PageRank

There are many factors that take place when a search engine evaluates your website before it is given a PageRank. It is said that Google uses over 200 different algorithms to decide what PageRank to give to your website. Up to this day these parameters remain a top secret to the entire world. But from time to time Google releases information in an effort to keep us happy.


On the other hand, year after year and test after test, Search engine Optimization companies find new clues and information regarding many of the so-called Search Algorithms. But to get to the point, from the 200 parameters that will decide what PageRank to provide your website with, there are a very few that are well known to be very powerful if executed the right way, and these techniques will very fairly improve the PageRank of your website.

Buying an Expired Domain Name can launch your website a few 100 miles ahead from the start. The reason is very simple – Search engines will categorize a domain name by the age of existence. From an analytical point of view a domain name that has been active for a series of years projects confidence. A domain name that has been established for 5 years is telling search engines that this is a serious business and therefore this domain name is accredited with more value than a domain name that was recently purchased. A new domain name on the other hand has no credit whatsoever. A new domain name can be purchased for spam purposes, or to create a quick blog based on a sudden trend such as a new movie with the purpose of making few bucks through affiliate programs.

The advantages of a used or expired domain name is that since it has been around for years it most probably has some links pointing to it, it may also have a steady flow of traffic coming to it. But you need to be careful how you search and select your expired domain name. You need to make sure that this domain has not been wrongly used, that it has not been banned from a search engine. If this is the case your efforts will be in vain.

We are constantly writing articles and publishing new blogs using a 5 year old domain and every time we make a change on our website it takes only a few minutes to be indexed and updated in Google. On the other hand if we make a change in a new domain it can take up to 5-7 days for Google to update the changes we did. The reason is simple the age of the domain. Another test you can conduct is this – if you submit a story to your blog and assuming that your domain name is a few years old, the story will get published right away, but not only that, the SERP ranking given to that story will be much higher than the one given to a blog that resides in a new domain name.

Therefore, most businesses already have a name they want to use and need to use, but if somehow you can come around that and use a domain name that already existed and it is clean then go for it because it will cut your work in half.

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