Ask your Mom Which Keywords are the Best

Adding good content to your web pages is the fuel needed for search engines to notice your website and rank you. The content for your website is composed of two important ingredients; first you need to satisfy the needs of your readers by providing answers and solutions to what they seek.


Then the second most important part is the keywords and key phrases within that content. But you may not be the adequate candidate to take over this task. Yes, you are now the owner of a successful web design company and you know every thing there is to know about it! In fact you know so much that there has been a drastic change in your vocabulary. Now you use words such as utilize, render, parse, array and so on.. And that’s good as long as it is used among your clan of web design colleagues. But when every day people conduct searches on the web they have a different comprehension of words and you will be amazed at the keywords they use when searching. For example, keywords commonly used when searching for a flash website are fancy website, fancy web pages, website effects, etc.

The point is that when you prepare content for your website or your blog, in order to come up with a paragraph that contains every day used words you have to change your perspective and migrate onto the mind of the everyday consumer who searches for your product using simple unorthodox keywords and key phrases. In doing so, the content of your pages will be in tune with the searches that are conducted on a daily basis by thousands of individuals looking for a service, products or business.

The best way to find out is to engage into a campaign and ask around how any person out there searches for your business and your products, what keywords they use and how they combine the keywords when creating key phrases.

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