3 Fundamentals to Local SEO

One of the most vital components of search engine optimization is local SEO. Attuned to the behavior of searchers in geographically defined regions, local SEO specialists offer small and medium sized businesses the kind of hyper direct connection to consumers they need in order to thrive. For businesses with a physical location, the benefits of local SEO are self-evident. What might be less obvious to some is that even viral businesses (those without a physical location) stand to make immeasurable gains from jumping into the local search domain.


In order to thrive in your region of choice, you will need to optimize:

  • Your Google My Business Account
  • On-page SEO for all things local
  • Branded outreach efforts

Without further ado, let’s dig into each one of these.

1. Google My Business

The point of Google My Business is quite straightforward. Give businesses the opportunity to list all their vital information in a single location, with the added benefit of customers leaving reviews on the page (we all know how influential customer reviews are!).

Once you have an account up and running, make sure to use Google Posts within your account. A relatively new feature for businesses, the post outlet lets you promote events or products and reach customers in an authentic and direct fashion.

Finally, it is important to A) ask customers to leave reviews and B) accept any and all forms of criticism as a way to improve your customer service and product offering.

2. On-page SEO

On-page SEO includes a broad spectrum of tasks. However, starting from the perspective of local optimization does narrow the field quite a bit.

In tandem with your ongoing backlink outreach strategy (which is helpful no matter what you are targeting), you should be thinking about every visual element of the pages on your site.

That means doing the following:

  • Performing thorough keyword research
  • Crafting short and sweet URLs
  • Perfecting title tags (70 characters or less)
  • Using headers creatively
  • Meta descriptions based on local keywords
  • Solid content on a regular basis

In your pursuit of the optimal local search strategy, keep in mind there are two kinds geo-targeted keywords to go for.

You’ve got geo-modified searches on the one hand, which would be something like “Sandwich shop in Shoreditch”. You’ve also got geo-located searches, which would be someone in Shoreditch searching for “sandwich shop”.

Suffice to say, you want to account for both in your content generation strategy.

3. Branded Outreach Efforts

Now comes time for the most fun activities of all – getting backlinks!

Without going into too much detail here, the point of backlinking is to get your site mentioned in as many third-party platforms as possible. In looking to build a name in a local sphere, you should consider these approaches:

  • Online Directories
  • Local bloggers
  • Build out a page of local events

Local Search Means Being Very Specific

In all forms of marketing, the goal is to know your audience and provide what they are looking for. In optimizing for local search, digital marketing agencies can get highly specific regarding the purpose of a site, often creating a refined identity in the process.

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