Thinking of Buying a Product? Let a Subjective Review Site Help You!

We don’t often stumble upon websites that are very different from the most, but is definitely a site with some difference. The first queer thing you would notice is the variety of things being thoroughly reviewed on the site. You will be amazed to find a well done article on a mobile accessory as well as a kitchen appliance with highly detailed and subjective review. covers a variety of topics like advertising, automotive, technology, health, food, drink and much more. Let’s look into the details of this site which is aimed mainly at people who need a second pair of expert eyes on a product before they buy it.

What is subjective review?

To understand what a subjective review is, you need to first meet its counterpart, ‘objective review’. Objective review is the type of review in which the reviewer simply lists down or explains the facts about a product; which are often straight to the point and not based on personal experience. In objective review, the opinion of the reviewer is not expressed to the public. An objective review does not make the reader aware of the actual quality and performance of the product. It’s just a peek at what the specs and facts are; so the review is not much useful to someone who is in need of a detailed and hands-on opinion and views on the product.


Subjective review on the other hand is more inclined towards the reviewer’s experience of using the product and their opinion about it. Subjective review will be of great help when people want to know what a product will feel like before they buy it. A well done subjective review can actually make the reader understand every bit of the reviewed product; this exactly is what does.

What kind of products does review?

At, they cover a wide variety of things ranging from gadgets to food and drink, and even health and fitness products. You can just find reviews on most things that you would probably need in a house. The categories of items that you can find on include:

  • product-reviewAdvertising
  • Automotive
  • Chimney
  • Concrete repair products
  • Entertainment
  • Fitness
  • Food and drink
  • Gaming
  • Health
  • Home & family
  • Home improvement
  • Law
  • Movies
  • Self help
  • Technology

You can find all these categories listed on the right sidebar for ease of access. The site also has an integrated search feature which makes it very easy to find the product or article you are looking for in just a matter of seconds. The reviews are done by experts in each category and hence are reliable. Each review is neatly done with specs, performance and design features explained separately with every minute detail that you might miss even if you actually used the product. The website layout is neat and pleasant to the eyes. The site load time too is real quick.

So, the next time you are in dilemma about purchasing that cool new refrigerator you saw in the advertisement, have a look at what has got to say on that and you are good to make an informed decision.

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