The Benefits of Using Elevator Wraps for Event Marketing

Elevators can be a great place to catch the attention of commuters while they are standing out there waiting for their turn. The idea is to provide the visitors something interesting to look at during the time they would otherwise spend staring at the naked elevator. In addition to crowded places like airports and shopping malls, elevator wraps can also work well in common venues like hotels, hospitals, and high rise buildings.


You can apply the elevator wraps printed with attractive graphics either on the inside or outside of the elevator, or even on both the sides. People will get to read your message from “close quarters” over and over again. You’ll be captivating your audience for a minimum of 30 to 60 seconds on each trip using a space that would otherwise be dull and boring.

Using Elevator Wraps for Event Marketing

With media recall rate of as high as 95 percent, elevator wraps can be a great idea to promote your event, announce a product launch, cross sell a product or service, find sponsors, and invite people to bargain sales, among others. Businesses have been increasingly using elevator wraps for corporate branding, event promotion, brand messaging, and creating buzz around a new product. You can easily replace the wrap to match your re-branding efforts.

However, just because you are targeting the captive audience doesn’t mean that you can impose any dull and boring graphics on them. Like with any other advertising, be sure to make it interesting, else it may create a negative impression about your brand or event.

Benefits of Elevator Wraps Over Traditional Advertising

Better geographic targeting: Traditional advertising through TV, radio, and website do not offer the preciseness of targeting the audience of a specific location. Elevator wraps give you the flexibility to send across your message to the people visiting a specific city, area, or even a building. You can tailor your advertisement accordingly to make it more effective for your target audience.

Repetitive targeting: Unlike traditional advertising where the utility of your ad ends as soon as it is heard or seen, elevator wraps offer repetitive targeting without any additional costs. For example, a newspaper ad remains no more useful after the reader is done reading the newspaper and keeps it aside. Elevator wraps, on the other hand, cannot be discarded or turned off.  Each time a person uses the elevator, he or she is exposed to the advertisement.

A welcome distraction: Elevator passengers often feel uncomfortable since they are surrounded by strangers. Elevator wraps can help make this short journey more comfortable by providing a welcome distraction. Moreover, people are more likely to remember the ad longer since they are in a smaller space with fewer distractions.

Elevator wraps are also way more cost-effective than other forms of advertising; they just cost a fraction of TV and print ads.

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