Best 3 YouTube Apps for Windows 8

Apps are designed to deliver simplicity and function in an easy way. They have become an indispensable tool in extending technology in almost any field or platform – be it mobile, PC, Apple, Android, Windows, Facebook, Twitter, or something else. Here, in this article, you are going to see a new way to use the best social network for videos, YouTube, and the most popular and recently announced Windows operating system Windows 8. We have compiled a fresh list of apps for getting videos right away from YouTube. Let’s see some cool YouTube apps for your Windows 8.

1. Your Tube 8

If you wish to load up YouTube videos faster, this app will serve you the same. YourTube 8 is the super faster app for YouTube videos which enables user to let run all the videos and serve users the best experience. Here, in this app you are allowed to see a whole list of the recent videos and your favorite channels’ videos with a new and super sleek design. Videos are there with a new thumbnail exposure. When you click on any thumbnail, the video starts loading. Simple as that!


Furthermore, the YouTube8 app will get you the details of clicked videos seamlessly. So, there is no need to search out for the details of any videos. The details are there at the bottom of that video. There’s a search option too to let you find your appropriate videos right away. Isn’t that amazing? This app will give you the best video experience more than the original YouTube’s Website.

Download YouTube 8

2. YouTube +

YouTube + is a well-designed app for all the YouTube users who have Windows 8 on their PCs. This is one of the top rated Windows 8 apps. This app features a free version and a paid version. And this app shines as the best paid app for Windows 8.


The free app is there with messy advertisements and all. Yet it serves the best experience for its all users. Whole management can be done though this app and it allows loading up your videos with any other Windows 8 devices. It has a lot of features which enable you to download this app right away.

Download YouTube +

3. YouTube RT

YouTube RT is not related to Twitter or anything else, it’s a new way to exploring the YouTube videos. If you are a professional YouTube user then this app would be a good choice.


It allows you to merge up your videos and categories and all the favorite channels of yours and allows you to manage all your favorites easily. It has a bunch of new features and functions with it.

Download YouTube RT

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