5 Best iOs 5 Apps

Since you have a wide range of applications to download in many different categories offered, you would probably be in a situation to judge and decide the best one for your apple device(s). We would add a list of few best apps that would likely be super performing apps on your IOS5 version device. As we are leading with the general apps, we will share with you the best apps in random selected categories. To avail and enjoy the best feature of apps available you need your device to jailbreak it first.

(If you’re new to IOS 5 and likely to downgrade or upgrade it to newer or older version of IOS device, you can do it easily by visiting IOS 5 Up-gradation webpage, supported by apple, available on internet)


1. Dreamboard

Why do manufacturers update their product versions? One of the reasons is to get public attraction. Likewise, Jailbreakers of apple devices get bored time and again and feel the urge to change to switch over. There were apps like Summerboard and Winterboard earlier to make changes to your IOS device theme as per requirement. Now Dreamboard has come with more extra features compared to the old ones. Dreamboard has a built-in feature to create and customize themes. You can replace, drag and swap any icons and customize the way you want it to be. Dreamboard can be an interesting app for your device. The best part is that you can make your apple device look like an Android device.

2. SBSettings

SBSettings is actually your screen based settings. As it could be difficult to manage your notifications and switch over utilities, SBSettings helps you in. You can add quick toggles for frequently used features like Bluetooth, 3G, Brightness, Data usage and many more. In IOS5 it has come with easier functions to get easy access and toggles quickly and manage your device. Just enable SBSettings in notification and you’re done with all.

3. AnyLockApp

Iphone5 compatible with IOS5 has added an extra button for the ease of camera access. It has included a button just below the slide to unlock screen which opens camera application. In case you like to change the function of the button provided to open the camera, you can make it. AnyLockApp provides you the feature to change the setting of the button provided; you can use it as a shortcut for the app of third party like Facebook, messenger, Twitter etc.

4. BiteSMS

BiteSMS has got its update for IOS5, It is used as a better feature-rich text messaging app. Enabling this app can make your typing experience touchy in a rich way. It also provides you notification address bar for recent incoming messages.

5. F.lux

F.lux is an app that can auto-adjust the screen brightness of your apple device. It adjusts your screen brightness based on the time of the day. It was actually developed for the computers earlier but now it has started being used in iPhones.

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