Top 5 Android Apps for Small Businesses

Smartphone has brought big revolution in the way businesses can be operated. This revolution is in line with the one brought by the internet few decades ago. The power of Smartphone lies in its ability to add third party software applications which can enhance the online experience, support the users in many ways, retain the customers with the buyers and vice versa.

Smartphone that are empowered with business critical applications make the users to execute complex online functions in simple and sophisticated ways. By this, Smartphone usage has swiftly changed the overall online consumer behavior and thus fueling the apps makers to think about out of the box solutions. To catch up with the changed attitude of consumers, entrepreneurs also need to deploy smart apps that can sustain the consumers’ demands.

Here are the top 5 Android apps that can spearhead the small businesses to run their operations seamlessly:

1. Google Wallet


This is a hassle-free online shopping app from Google. It can be readily integrated with any business website and the Wallet’s back-end infrastructure takes care of the entire gamut of online buying. Entrepreneurial users have to pay a certain percentage of each transaction as a fee to Google. The ability of this app to store the credit/debit, discount card details, offers etc. makes it a powerful app. With a single tap, users can do the online buying under safe and secured environment.

2. QuickBooks


This is online accounting commercial software for small businesses. Its built-in modules like purchase, inventory, sales orders, payment receipt etc. make it a robust accounts application for internet and mobile based businesses. Online credit card payments can be accepted through QuickBook. Comes with easy-to-use and customizable navigation panel. Contacts Management module enables the business firms to locate and interact with their customer at ease.



Online collaboration is critical for any business to optimize their resources and improve productivity. is an online collaboration tool that enables the users to get connected to clients or employees even while on move. Its free version facilitates the users to get connected to 10 people maximum whereas the paid version makes it possible to connect to 250 people at a time to view the presentations, chat or the talk. Another advantage with is its ability to allow multiple presenters from different locations simultaneously.

4. Mint


This is a freeware that allows the users to track and manage their bank accounts. This Mint works like a best gadget to manage personal and business finances. Reviews have confirmed that the services are secured and reliable.      After signing up with free account on, users would be sent with a security PIN. By entering the bank account details, users can view and operate their multiple bank accounts through Mint.

5. Polaris Office


This is a paid app that helps the users of iPad and iPhone to create, view, edit and save documents while on go. It can be used in sync with popular cloud-based online storage services like Google Drive. Alternatively, Polar Office app itself has an in-built storage for saving documents.

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