Generate More Sales with Zoho CRM

A business that focuses on understanding the mindset of the customer stands a chance to build a loyal customer base. Instead of concentrating on profits, it would be worthwhile to think of different ways to fulfill the needs of your customers and satisfy them. What can you do to enhance the customer service? The best solution is to make use of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software offered by a well-know company like

CRM software is a widely used tool that allows a company to interact well with its customers. It accurately helps to understand what your customers expect from you. CRM assists in organizing, automating, and synchronizing all the data related to your customers. It involves providing customer centric services like customer service and technical support and making them understand how the products and services offered by the company can improve their life. The overall aim of CRM is to attract new customers, retain the existing ones, and attract the former customers to return. provides you with a suite of productivity and collaboration apps for your business. The apps developed by Zoho have won various awards from well-known sites like TechCrunch, PCWorld, and InfoWorld. Zoho has also been featured on popular sites like ReadWriteWeb, Cnet and ZDNet.


So, what does Zoho CRM actually offer? Here are some of its major features.

Generating leads through automation

Zoho makes it possible to completely automate processes like lead generation and management, prospects tracking, workflow management, contacts management, sales-forecasting, etc. It lets you analyze your business opportunities without spending much time on it. By effectively using the existing customer data you will be able to greatly improve your sales.

Real-time monitoring

Zoho brings to you the Opportunity Tracking tool that gives you real-time and complete information on your sales activities. It allows you to create customized reports across all business processes. The real-time dashboard will let you carefully monitor sales trends, promotion, support and other related data.

Know your customers and serve them better

The Business Card View feature of Zoho lets you instantly access detailed information of relevant customers. The easy-to-use Email Service lets you manage emails from all your customers within the CRM system. You can use Spreadsheet View to see and edit records seamlessly. Another cool feature it offers is that it allows linking of all the social networking profiles of your customers to your Zoho CRM.

CRM on mobile

You can access your Zoho CRM on various devices such as Android, iOS and BlackBerry. The Mobile Edition of Zoho is completely user-friendly and through it you can stay in touch with your customers wherever you go.

Works with Google Apps

Google apps like Gmail, Gtalk, Calender and Google Docs are widely used by various businesses and customers. All the Google apps can be flawlessly linked and accessed through Zoho’s CRM system to easily share, communicate and work together.

  1. October 26, 2012
  2. March 8, 2013