What Makes YouTube the Most Popular Video Marketing Channel?

YouTube, the 2nd most visited website, which is argued to have the 2nd largest search engine, caters to over 2 billion viewers each day. From being a mere channel meant to share homemade videos, YouTube has come to become a huge learning, sharing and socializing hub.

With such a humongous user base, how can YouTube not be used to promote and market businesses and brands!

However, it is not just the size of YouTube that makes it lucrative for marketing; there are many more features that contribute to its immense growth and usability. Let us check out what are those facets that make YouTube the most popular video marketing channel.


The latest YouTube One Channel interface allows you to brand your channel in multiples way. Features like custom thumbnails, Channel banner, channel avatar, and In- Video programming, interactive outros and intros act as your brand’s voice. These features when optimally used lead to brand image creation.



Having a YouTube channel is one of the most cost effective ways to promotea brand and its products. There is no need for creating a website/CMS as such. Everything is readymade. You only need to concentrate and spend (if any) on the videos you make.

Ease of SEO

Optimizing YouTube videos for ranking on Google is easier as compared to ranking a general website/blog. This perk is usually attributed to YouTube being a Google’s product. This is taken advantage by affiliate marketers who prefer ranking a YouTube video for certain keyword and then direct the viewers to an affiliate niche site or landing page.

Interactive community

YouTube makes sharing videos darn easy. The sharing is not confined within YouTube, but extends to other major social networks like Twitter and Facebook. Furthermore, one can easily embed the videos on any webpage so as to share it on website, forums and blogs.

Also, viewers are given the options to comment, like or dislike videos. This enhances interaction between the brand/channel owner and viewers which is an essential for successful video marketing, search ranking and monetization. There is also an option to interact via personal messages and video responses.


YouTube channels come with the Analytics feature that allows one to gauge the performance of the channel (indirectly – the brand) in terms of reach (number of views), demographic influence, likes, dislikes, and more; so as to make desired tweaks to the channel and improve the performance and to also understand better the needs and attitudes of the target viewers’.

The aforementioned possibilities with YouTube have taken the website to the next level. However, the success of YouTube is always not synonymous with the success of all its channels. Each channel is a separate entity and has to work towards gaining more and more views in order to expand its reach and thereby expand the business.

Tips to increase views of YouTube videos

Various strategies can be followed to increase views of your YouTube videos. Here are some useful tips that can be handy:

  • Create outros that contain links to other videos of your channel.
  • Use in-video programming feature to link all your videos to one most important video you wish to send more views to.
  • Create relevant and captivating custom thumbnails for all your videos in order to increase the CTR.
  • Use annotations to interlink videos within your channel.
  • Create playlists to bring similar videos together. This passes on the views juice of a couple of successful videos in the playlist to some of the other videos too.

Using the above tips, you can have reasonable YouTube views with time. After all, what point does it make if YouTube is a great video sharing site when you cannot take advantage of it and reach to more people through good number of views ultimately?

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