T3Leads Offers Additional Revenue Opportunity Through PPC

Insurance is one of the most paying and popular niches for affiliate marketing. If you are already into this niche, then the chances are that you must have already heard about T3Leads. This Encino (California) based company is one of the major players providing some of the high paying affiliate campaigns in insurance and payday loans.

Whether you run a big website or small affiliate campaigns, this program is suitable for webmasters of all sizes. Webmasters get the opportunity to work with a company that is small enough to personally cater to their needs, while making use of the resources and professionalism of a large company.

Affiliate Solutions


T3Leads provides all the necessary tools to make your affiliate campaigns successful. If you don’t have a website yet, it also offers easy-to-use platform to get your website up and running in a matter of minutes without much of efforts or technical knowhow. All you need to do is choose a pre-designed template to suit your campaign and customize the layout, graphics, content, etc.

You will get access to the proprietary system for tracking and analyzing your leads. You also get to earn 3% commission on the sales made by the affiliates referred by you. Commission payment is made every 15 days but if your earnings exceed the stipulated limit (currently $1,000), you will quality for weekly payout.

Merchant Solutions

If you are a merchant, planning to come up with an affiliate campaign, then T3Leads can help you set this up. It offers its huge network of publishers to send you highly targeted leads. As a merchant, some of the benefits of partnering with T3Leads include well trained experts in your field of business, high quality traffic, no startup cost, dedicated staff for managing your account and provision for customizing your qualified lead criteria, among others.

Additional Revenue Through PPC

T3Leads has come up with a novel concept to maximize the earnings for its affiliates. All existing and new affiliates will now be able to utilize their web space to display PPC or pay per click ads for T3Leads. Pricing is said to be highly competitive thus making it more profitable and a viable alternative to the popular programs like Google Adsense. Another advantage of this PPC program is that the webmasters get to choose their own size and shape to display the PPC ads.

The PPC platform is going to be an excellent supplement to T3Leads’ already expansive and successful system. It is likely to be introduced in late spring of 2012.

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