Clean The Email List With Email Verifier

If you are into email marketing, you might already know about The platform offers several useful tools for marketers, recruiters, and other professionals looking to make the most from their email outreach campaigns. Marketers mostly love it for the ease and efficiency it offers in collecting, researching, emailing the leads, and converting them into potential customers.

Snovio email verifier email verifier is specifically meant for cleaning the email lists (either by uploading them or by using API verifications). Given below are some of the major features and benefits offered by this tool.

Remove Invalid Emails

One big challenge email marketers face is finding out invalid emails. Typically, the bounce rate should not exceed 15 percent. Invalid emails in the list increase the bounce rate and may often result in the suspension of your account meaning that soon you will be blocked by the ESP and won’t be able to send emails. helps you verify each email address in your list, so that you can strike off the invalid ones and make the list much more effective.

Higher Accuracy & Fast Verification uses real-time verification to check the email list. Hence, the results it delivers are fresh and accurate. Since an email list usually contains a huge number of emails, a slow and sluggish tool can be a real nightmare. is pretty lightweight and one of the fastest verification tools out there. It can check thousands of emails in a matter of minutes. Irrespective of how huge your list is, you can clean it in no time.

Different Export Options

So, you have found invalid emails in your list. Now what next? After detection, the tool basically gives you the following 3 options to clean your list. You can choose any one according to your requirement and convenience.

  • Export all of the leads and emails.
  • Export only the valid emails (those with a green mark beside them), leaving out all other emails and prospects.
  • Export valid as well as uncertain emails, along with other details of the prospects with invalid emails. Thus, you get to export almost everything except the invalid emails.

Cost Involved

Completely transparent pricing is another great thing about this tool. Verifying one email address takes away half a credit from the account. Beginners and low volume users may want to go for the free plan, which lets you verify up to 200 email IDs in each account. This limit of 200 email addresses is refreshed each month. You can continue to use the free plan as long as you want to; it never expires. And it gives you access to all the features of a paid plan; none of the features is locked.

Google Chrome Extension

Snovio email verifier chrome extension also has a Google Chrome extension of its email checker tool that lets you validate email addresses on the fly. Once you install this extension and register for a free plan, you are able to search for emails while browsing a website. In addition to searching for emails on the current page, the extension also allows you to search emails by domain, using a search engine.

Similarly, you can validate email addresses right from the extension. Just copy and paste the list of emails in the extension box and get the result in the form of emails marked as valid (green), catchall (yellow), and invalid (red). You can then export the output as a CSV list or just copy and paste the results for your use.

The email verifier extension has a user-friendly interface divided into simple tabs:

  • Current page tab: Use this tab for email search.
  • All emails tab: This tab displays the results categorized into valid, catchall, and invalid email lists. This is where you export the results from.
  • Stats tab: This tab displays the total number of emails in each category – valid, catchall, invalid, and not verified yet.
  • About tab: It contains information about the extension and related resources.

Whether you use the email verifier tool or its Chrome extension, both are extremely easy and efficient. They help you save time and money by removing invalid email addresses from your list.