8 Reasons Behind Increasing Popularity of Myntra.com

The boom in internet marketing saw hundreds of businesses putting their entire inventory online for sale, making internet a one stop shop for all, satisfying shopping needs for one and all. Myntra.com, an online shopping portal started in a similar fashion has now risen to new heights and is spearheading the Indian online retail industry. So, what makes Myntra a popular choice for buyers? Here are some major reasons behind its increasing popularity over offline shopping malls.

1. Buying Online Saves Time and Fuel

Firstly, shopping online is a big saviour of time and fuel. With high gas and fuel prices looming the Indian market, it sometimes become very saddening to see your budget overflow. Going even for a five minute trip to a shopping area or a mall takes at least 15 minutes excursion in the parking lot. Over that think of the number of times people visit stores in just a week. If not anything, one could enjoy his weekend getaway with all those money. This is where Myntra.com comes in, you can shop whenever you feel like, browse through all the latest offerings in the market, all without actually taking your car out from the garage.


2. Easy to Organise Finance/Records

Secondly, it is much easy for a person to organise his/her finances while using Myntra.com. Since the entire transaction is done using computers, all valuable and confidential records are stored within your account. Also, since you are not actually going the store you can also save on plastic and paper bags and help the world make greener.

3. Multiple Payment Options

Today many of us are using credit cards wherever we go, even while dealing with small merchants many people keep their credit cards with them. Some businesses don’t accept cards, who could be offering your favourite product. But this is not the case with Myntra.com, since they include many small brands and merchandisers as well, shopping becomes safe and easy. And, with lots of options at bay, a shopper gets the true benefit.

4. Gives the Best Deal

Myntra.com is one place where people find the best deals. It literally takes the term of compare and shop to newer definitions, where people can easily compare prices of different products with few clicks. Most of the time people can see banners and flyers stating the seasonal and exclusive sales. The attractive offers given are also endless.

5. Discount Coupons

There are various myntra coupons available at different price levels which makes the shopping experience more enthralling. These discount coupons can actually save you lots of money, and these are easily available on coupon websites like Coupon Lava; to get an idea and get started with these coupons click here.

6. Free Shipping

The other added advantage is of free shipping of products which means no more standing in the queue and waiting for your turn, just choose your product, pay the money and they’ll deliver it within 1-2 days.

7. No Struggling Through the Crowd

Myntra.com has made shopping a really fun filled and comfortable experience. Especially during festive season where you’ve to go through the maddening rush, you can sit in the comfort of your home, just browse, pay and get your item.

8. More Choice of Brands

There are also certain brands you won’t find in stores, since in malls there are brand recognised stores, and management does not showcase small merchants, but this is not the case with Myntra.com. One does not only finds what he’s looking for but can also customize it accordingly.

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