Optimize Your Website for Mobile Internet or Go out of Business, the Choice Is Yours

Mobile phones have already started replacing many essential gadgets that were essentially part of our daily life. Recent trends show that more people have started using mobile phones to surf the internet rather than personal computers.

Mobile internet usage is likely to overtake desktop usage by 2014. The convenience offered by hand-held devices is the main cause of this change along with the arrival of really powerful smartphones.

These changing trends mean a lot from a businessman’s point of view. Are you targeting this rising community of mobile users? If not, it’s high time that you should. If you are not yet convinced, have a look at the below infographic:

Mobile ads have been running for quite a long time, but now is the time they are more significant than ever before. Most of the websites out there have started using responsive themes to adapt to this change. There are two essential things you should do to make sure you don’t miss the boat.

  • Get yourself a website optimized for mobile devices, and
  • Get a mobile app for your business in the major app stores.

Mobile Optimized Website

You can either create a sub domain for mobile devices on your main domain or use a responsive theme to make this happen. Mobile users tend to leave a page that looks cluttered and messed up. So make sure you take it as your first concern and give them some attention. Also, create buttons big enough so that people with ‘fat finger’ problem don’t have difficulty navigating your site. Google has already optimized its mobile ads to take care of the ‘fat finger’ problem. Make sure you too care for mobile users that land on your website.

A Mobile App

People who use smartphones are addicted to apps; there is literally an app for anything and everything. Why don’t you make an app for your business too? If you haven’t yet, you are missing out a lot. Most businesses have their android app on play store now; so there is no reason why you shouldn’t. Apps work as a shortcut for your business and people tend to use a service as an app rather than on the web.

You should also start targeting mobile traffic in your ad campaigns as it is the future of advertising. Most leading ad networks provide mobile ads as well. Unlike desktop computers, mobile phones have a small display and obviously your ad should stand out to get noticed.

Mobile ads can work wonders if used wisely. For example, mentioning a particular location in your mobile ad can drastically increase the number of hits. There are many more such simple tactics to be worked out when it comes to targeting the mobile traffic.

Speed is a huge concern in mobile internet usage despite the mobile browsers working really hard to serve the pages as fast as possible. Mobile browsers expect your site to be fast as well to support them in making it work. It is important that you focus on your page loading speed to keep it good. Everyone loves to visit a website that loads faster and you should obviously make people love to visit your business.